Tuesday 8 November 2011

Introduction to Growth - Expanding as a Business Paper 2 Theory

Dear year 11

now that the controlled assessment is in its final completion stage I am delighted to introduce the following learner led e-resources for you to use.  You will have access to this 24/7 to prepare for both Paper 1 in January & Paper 2 in the summer - see link below:
you have two passwords one to access resources for each paper. Those who attended parents evening will already have this.

Today we are going to look to see how far we can get with the first topic 
'How do businesses grow' so that you feel confident both with the topic and using this software outside the classroom

Use the software and read the ebook Chapter 1 Introduction to business organisation.
Click on the following link:

  • Entering the password click on the book
  • Then click on the resource overview
  • Click on chapter one
  • Start by reading the ebook on Chapter 1 'Introduction to business organisation
  • Now carry out the following activities on the right hand side of the screen:
  1. Fill in the gaps & print
  2. Matching activities & print
  3. True or false
Now see how good you are with either or both of the testing activities:
  1. Expanding 'benefits and risks'
  2. Expanding 'method
Other resources 
Ah yes don't forget that the AQA GCSE Business Studies core text is a great resource - turn to pg 132 -134 if your finding this topic a bit tricky.  You also have free access to the notetaker packs and resources that I created previously for you so click here scroll down and pick a topic WOWSERS do I spoil you or do I spoil you !

Well first lesson done on paper two topics lets see how you have done.  Print your work and file it in your folder for me to mark. Oh and one last thing your homework.


The first of five topic tests making sure that you are confident with the KEY TERM knowledge for paper one is tomorrow in P3.  Download it here and make sure that you refresh all that lovely knowledge that you learnt with Mr Coakley last year...

In the other half of tomorrow's lesson we can look at how this growth will impact on the STAKEHOLDERS - who would like to deliver this one? see email overnight...


Mr T 

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