Tuesday 8 November 2011

P3 & P4 Describe how market research contributes to the development of the organisation's marketing planning

Good morning year 12

you need to listen to radio 4 iplayer about 0720hrs this morning to see what the top banana of Marks and Spencers had to say about what they have found out about consumer spending and their attitude to Christmas and New Year.

He also went on to say how the feedback has contributed to the development of their celebrating a night in with their 'Two Dine for £10''

The following activities may help with P3 & P4:

P3 - Prepare a presentation describing how market research is used to contribute to the development of the organisations marketing planning

P4 - Using the documents above or the GCSE resources link here, carry out your own PRIMARY and SECONDARY market research for marketing planning for your chosen business or why not make it easy for yourself and use Oxford Spires Academy to see what the perception is of OX4 5 terms from conception. Alternatively you can use all your ideas relating to the Year 11 Business Enterprise One Water ethical drinks company which is forming and use your expertise and knowledge of marketing to ensure that this business hits the ground running during the two week pilot stage at the end of the month.

The other links are more to do with writing the marketing plan

For those of you who are still struggling to find a business for these two assignments why not consider M&S
They announced today that their profits were down but still respectably at £320m, food sales were up 2% everything else down by a similar figure 1.8% which implies that the recent 'Dine in for £10' meal deal is something that they need to plug but guess what they are by suggesting their customers have a saturday night in watching X-factor whilst they eat a cheap dinner and watch all the M&S adverts that have started to appear in the X-factor intervals ! Its not by chance that M&S food sales are holding the business up in these hard times its called MARKETING PLANNING...

Good luck and remember the deadline for the first draft of P3 is Wednesday 9th November 2011

Mr T


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