Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Unit 3 The Uk as a Destination - Assignment 3 - P4 M2 D2 P5

The Travel Gazette in East Grinstead has read your reports and has asked you to produce a presentation for them as well as a report discussing the factors affecting inbound and domestic tourism looking closely at the impact on future travel and tourism.

Task 1
You need to explain how tourism has been affected by different factors that have occurred in the last 5 years. such as storms, terrorism and social changes.

The five different factors are:
  1. Cheap flights are they really fuelling growth - here 
  2. Wars / terrorism
  3. Extreme Weather (Storm Doris) see here - How easily was it to shut the UK rail network and airports down through snow for a few days last week.  Did you realise it costs about £27k each time they grit a runway! click here for some recent stats
  4. Glastonbury and its impact here
  5. Social Change (weekend breaks, stag and hen nights, smartphone apps)
You will need to provide statistics of the effects in the form of graphs and tables, news reports or accounts based on personal experiences, to support your presentation.  These must be properly analysed showing where possible the effect on UK inbound and domestic tourism. This resource here might help and here and here
  1. Changes in visitor numbers and here
  2. Length of stay
  3. Volume and value of inbound and domestic tourism
  4. Frequency of visits to and within UK by Visit Britain
  5. Generating countries and regions

Your presentations must also consist of PowerPoint slides, notes and hand outs.

Task 2 (M2) Analyse how three factors are currently affecting UK inbound and domestic tourism
Your magazine article should major o three factors that are affecting inbound and domestic tourism today.  This must be supported by a range of evidence taken from websites, news reports, industry journals and newspapers

Task 3 (D2) Evaluate the potential impacts of TWO factors on the future of the UK inbound and domestic tourism

Choose from the factors below:
  1. Economy
  2. Exchange rates
  3. Sustainable tourism
For D2 use a combination of factual evidence about future trends and your own interpretation of the impact and why you have come to this conclusion

P5 Use appropriate reference sources to provide information on the UK as a destination
To complete this unit satisfactorily you will need to create a bibliography of all the sources that you have used for all P1, P2, P3, M1. D1, P4, M2, D2, P5

You can tabulate this per task and source of reference if that makes this easier to do see here 

You might like to use the Harvard Referencing Standard that you can find from the link here

Deadline for all this work is Tuesday 27th March 2018


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