Friday, 15 February 2019

Posting your Peter Jones TIS Busienss Plan to the Peter Jones Foundation Tycoon in School Website

With regard to uploading your the business plan it is fairly straight forward, the business needs setting up on the platform and then this will open up another section of the site to you. In order to do this you will need to login and on the dashboard you will hopefully see the below. On the section titled “Businesses” there will be a button labeled “Add new Business”.



If you click this then you will be presented with a new screen where you complete information pertaining to the business. Some sections can be left blank but the Business Name and Competition Widow have to be completed (competition window is particularly important as this indicates the age group the students are in, Tycoon 750 for Key Stage 1 & 2, Tycoon 1K for Key Stage 3 & 4 and Tycoon 2K for Key Stage 5) the other sections can be completed at a later date. Once this is done the businesses that you load up will begin appearing on your dashboard in the section titled “Businesses”. If you then click on the relevant business name you will go inside the business dashboard and here is where you will find the business plan section. On the right hand side of the screen there will be a section titled “Business Planning” with two icons.



If you click the left hand icon you will be taken to the following screen.



Here you will indicate how you intend to complete the business plan. There are two options to complete the business plan either complete an online form or upload the business plan in the form of a word document. If you want to upload the document indicate this on the screen by clicking “Upload Document” and you will have a line of text you can click that will allow you to download the business plan template (if you need to), it will say in bold text “Click here to download the Business Plan as an editable Word Document”.


I hope this makes sense but if needs be just get back in touch through the comments box at the bottom of this site and I can try to support you remotely. Also just to make you aware it is possible for you to add businesses, as the students have profiles on the site, and then upload/complete the plans. These will always be pushed to Mr T for approval before coming to Peter Jones so if you do all this yourself I will see when you have



Mr T

Thought For The Day Friday

Dear Year 10

Well done for keeping your inner Chimp in its cage, again this week. 

Did you enjoy that assembly?

Here is a sneaky glimpse of this week's thought for the day?

Oh and finally if you were the Headteacher what phone policy would you operate having seen this video clip?

Here is my suggestion to all schools

Monday, 11 February 2019

Opportunities for all POST BREXIT

Dear all

the list below is a collection of good stuff that you might like to have a look at especially those Tycoon in School sign ups!

The wonderful Viv in year 13 studying International Business found the link below

Monday, 4 February 2019

Tycoon in School is back so what business will you launch in 2019?

To all those students in Year 7,8,9 and 10 who have always wondered why the curriculum does not teach you how to:

1. Write a business plan
2. Advise you on how to set up and run your own business,
3. Support your business with much needed finance

so focus your mind with the attached link below:

You will need to register online before you can access both of the links above so shout if you need any help.

The deadline for the Business Plan entry is 15th February and Peter Jones and his team will decide if they think your idea is worth the investment over half term.

These two budding entrepreneurs
Ruby & Niamh were last years KS3 Winners
Could you be winners this year

Their full press release can be read here 
and a link to their business idea is here

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Business in The Community working with Imberhorne School

Dear all

This is the magic and sparkle that happens when you get the 'balance' just right!

Click here to find out more!

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

P2 Unit 1 Current trends that will impact on my business

Dear Year 12

Here we are at the final furlong

P2 is asking you to explain the CURRENT trends that will impact on any start up business.

M2 is an extension of this and is asking you to compare how TWO of the four trends have impacted on a start up business or how they would impact (positively or negatively on yours)

This here is the template on the school system that will help you create this leaflet

This link here is a few things to consider to ensure you pass P2 first time and M2 first attempt

A few websites to help you source information on social trends is here

Remember your Merit overall for this unit comes from securing M2 which is the additional piece of work that goes into P2. 

To secure M2 you need to choose TWO of the trends in P2 and COMPARE how these have impacted on a start up business.  You could consider the IMPACT on SALES, COSTS, PROFITS or other things like RECRUITMENT 

To make it easier for yourself why not apply this to your own business idea that you discussed in P4


Mr T

Deadline for P2  is Friday 1st February 4pm 2019
Deadline for M2 is Tuesday 5th February 4pm 2019

Friday, 25 January 2019

Are you ready to demonstrate your skills and abilities as an ENTREPRENEUR?

Dear budding entrepreneurs


“St Catherine’s Hospice is your local hospice.
Every year it provides expert care and support to around 2,100 terminally ill people and their family and friends in your community.
But for every person the hospice can help, there are two others it can't.
By taking part in the Youth Enterprise Project to support St Catherine’s, you’ll help make sure that in the future, your local hospice can be there for everyone. So that no one in your community has to face death and loss alone.

The Youth Enterprise Project welcomes students from schools across Sussex and Surrey to develop their business skills through this spring term project.
Your team of six students from your school will work together to create plans, events and ideas to raise a target of £1,500.
This year, we ask each team that requires the £50 seed money to pitch to their mentors, given to each team by the project sponsors, NatWest Bank.
The award ceremony and presentations will be held at Christ’s Hospital School in the auditorium on Thursday 25th April with awards for the following categories:
Most Money Raised,
Pound Per Pupil,
Most Innovative Fundraising Idea and
Best Presentation.
Are you ready to take on the challenge to help your local Hospice?

The video below is 2 minutes 30 seconds it really illustrates what they do.

The school can only submit THREE mixed teams of SIX students across Year 7-9  so this is a first come first served opportunity. e.g. a team could be made up of 2 students from each year group!
Once you have agreed your team(s) sign and return the registration forms here You will need to get your parents to sign the consent form part before you return it. So each member of each team may need to print out a copy of that part of the form to sign and return individually to speed up the start up process.

The hospice are more than happy to come over and do a smaller version of the presentation from the launch night.

Good luck and shine bright

Mr T