Thursday, 7 November 2019

The Trading Game

The Trading Game

Preparing for the Finance Exam

Dear Year 12

Here are some more revision resources to support you in getting ready for your online exam on Thursday 

Online Revision Resources for Unit 2 Finance 

Exam Technique Video 1

Ten steps to success in your Online Finance exam on 21st November 2019

Revision Questions and Answers

Unit 3 Key Term Focus on Unit 3

This Connection Wall learning activity focuses on the key terms in the Business Finance section of BTEC National Business Unit 3. Can you connect the four groups of four key terms?


Mr T

Monday, 4 November 2019

Business Challenge Week - Creating a new budget airline

Dear candidates

Your chance to launch your own budget airline and pitch your ideas as if you were a candidate on The Apprentice.

The Apprentice Challenge from Sir Alan Sugar

The Success Criteria

Storyboard and design booklet

Can you:

  • Identify a target market, 
  • Create a brand name and logo that will compete for success, 
  • Plan a storyboard for your TV advert, 
  • Design the steward and stewardess uniform and 
  • Deliver a pitch of your ideas.

We look forward to announcing and rewarding the top three

Good luck and enjoy

Mr Mumby 

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Topic 5 Budgeting

Dear Year 12

Homework on cash flow forecasting due in today so that I can complete an accurate report on your attitude to learning, independent learning and quality of work.

Todays topic is on budgeting.

Here is todays powerpoint for the lesson

here are the class notes and the first activity for those that like to read up on a topic and test there understanding

And the classroom activity for lesson 2 this afternoon will be on planning a very special event.

I hope that you find it an enjoyable double lesson and a topic that is clearly understiood by the end of the double lesson

Mr T

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Week four topic four - the cashflow forecasting tool.

Dear Year 12 Cashflow Champions...

Homework due in - break even point of the fish and chip shop business

Test on learning outcome A - key terms

Introduction on cash flow  - Notetaking

Cashflow activities

  • My first social cashflow is here
And now for something here

Remember you will be sitting an online test which you need to pass before Christmas

Mr T

    Tuesday, 17 September 2019

    Learning Outcome B Planning tools for success

    Lesson 4 Topic 3 (B.1) Understand the planning tools businesses use to predict when they will start making a profit

    To answer all the 'online assessment' questions on this next topic on the course:

    Learners should for a PASS (C):

    • Be able to define break-even - the point that a business has made enough money through product sales to cover the costs of making the product (no profit and no loss)
    • Be able to interpret (point out or identify) from a break-even chart: the 

    • break even point
    • profit
    • loss
    • variable costs
    • fixed costs
    • total revenue
    • total costs
    • margin of safety
    • Be able to calculate the break-even (formula will be given in the given assessment) using method 1, 2 or both

    Method 1 - Contribution Method   For a PASS

    Break-even point    =                            total fixed costs
           (output)                    selling price per unit - variable cost per unit

    Method 2 - The Break Even Point - (BEP) Graph Method or Seven Steps to Break Even Heaven click here

    Learners should for a MERIT (B)
    • Be able to analyse and explain the value and importance of break-even analysis to businesses when planning for success 
    • Analyse and explain the associated risks to a business of not completing a break-even analysis 
    • Present the given information graphically on a break-even chart 

    Learners should for a DISTINCTION (A)

    • Analyse the effect on the break-even point if sales or (fixed and variable) costs change, and explain the impact of these changes on the business. 

    NEXT STEPS in our next lesson - click here

    Homework 3 Wk 3

    That's all you need to know for topic three now test yourself here

    Good luck and enjoy

    Mr T

    PS if you haven't bought a core textbook the link here might be useful or alternatively you could get a second hand one or dare I say take a trip to use a free one in the library as they are ordering some for in there!