Friday, 25 May 2018

P8 Demonstrate how the functionality, accessibility and usability of the website created meets the needs of a selected business.

Dear Year 12

P8 this is the last task for Unit 14.  Well done to those that have worked so hard this term and are about ready to create the evidence to achieve this.

Can I suggest that you create the evidence for this is a presentation with you demonstrating how it works and what's included.  It is not necessary to do a PowerPoint or create a document with print screens but it is important that it includes all the features and pages required .

To achieve M5 you will need to gather feedback from members of the class so that you can assess the suitability of what you have created.  Use the checklist below or make your own.

To achieve D4 you then need to make recommendations about how you will make changes to improve the functionality, accessibility and the usability of your response to the feedback you have achieved.  Clearly the more feedback you receive the better your recommendations will be.  There is no requirement to modify your website but you can if you wish as long as you have identified why any changes would benefit the website that you have created. A suggested checklist of things that you can gain feedback on is listed below but you can add your own criteria to this:
  • What is the resolution like
  • How effective is it at informing new and potential customers of products and services offered
  • IS the content exciting, interesting to read or a little dull?
  • Is the website presentation professional and promoting the brand image of the business.
  • Is it easy to navigate around the site and return to the home page?
  • How easy is it to use?
  • How accessible is it on many different platforms?
  • Does it perform equally as well on a desktop, tablet and smartphone?
  • Does It meet your client brief and how?
  • Does it meet the purpose for which it was created
  • What needs to be changed to the website to make it function better, function on more platforms and improve its usability   
That's it.  As soon as all the work for the other units is completed to a PASS plus and you have achieved a MERIT on unit 1 if you did not secure a level 2 PASS from the finance unit you have finished this BTEC level 2 Business course.

I have to say it has been a pleasure to see you grow throughout the year and remain determined and focussed on achieving success.  I hope that the next stage in your education and career brings the rewards and happiness that you deserve and that you reflect on how success always comes from hard work and determination, developing your skills and knowledge and pushing yourself to be the best that you can be.

All best wishes and lets see if we can finish this unit and course soon after half term

Mr T  

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Unit 4 P3 - Describe the customer service skills required to meet customer needs in travel and tourism contexts

Dear Year 12 L3
This is your opportunity to consider the skills that you will need before putting them in to practice to secure:
P4 Demonstrate Customer Service Skills in a T&T context.
P5 Demonstrate selling skills in a T&T situation
M2 Deal independently with customers in a T&T situation
M3Demonstrate effective reselling skills in a T&T situation
D2 Demonstrate good product knowledge, customer service and selling skills to provide a consistently high standard of customer service in three different situations

You will need to consider the following skills:
  • Communication skills - written, verbal and listening skills as you carry out role plays both face to face and over the phone. Your ability to build RAPPORT quickly will be key here.  It will also be just as important to listen as well as talk especially as the client will be asking you for specific requirements in each role play scenario. Effective listening will also give you the opportunity to develop dialogue and ask questions.  Don't forget to talk about the importance of interpersonal and non - verbal skills such as body language, eye contact, and your ability to notice customers and acknowledge them. Find out how much the customer service experience is improved just by using someone's name?
  •  The presentation of yourself is just as important for the role plays as is the importance of the working environment. Why do companies put their staff in uniforms and badge them up? Why are travel agents clutter free and welcoming ?
  • Teamwork should also be considered in P3.  Why do businesses have teams of people to look after customers?  Why do they also restrict decision making and the authority to give discounts through lines of authority?
  • Business skills are those skills that will be taught to you by the specific employer.  The need to complete documentation, when ordering tickets and taking enquiries.  The use of it to send emails to clients will also be tested in P4/  This will need to be of a business standard that means it will be accurate, legible and grammatically correct.
  • complaint handling should also be discussed.  Do some research to see how complaints can build loyal customers if handled well.  You will be dealing with a complaint in P4 and that requires different skills including your ability to listen and find out what the complaint is all about and that you understand the problem, empathy to show that you really care.  You will also need to demonstrate that you can take control of the situation so that it doesn't get worse as well as agreeing a solution and following up to confirm you have done what you said that you would do.
  • Selling skills will be tested in P5.  Again giving people the information they need to build the rapport and establish what the customer needs and expectations are is key to selling them the dream so explain why.  Your product knowledge will be key to your success here and your ability to ell the features and benefits of each holiday will see you shine.  You will also need to overcome some objections so explain why and most of all you will need to close the sale.  How will you do this?  Why is it so important to do it straight away? 
If we can get P3 done over half term we will have enough time to get the three role plays in before the exams kick in and you finish for the year.

Good luck and do well

Mr T

Friday, 18 May 2018

Unit 14 P7 - Create a website independently, with a maximum of eight interlinked pages and a minimum of four.

Dear Year 12

This is your penultimate challenge on this Unit.

P7 is you actually building the website without the help or support of anyone else.

Can I suggest that you use one of the appropriate software tools below:

  1. Dreamweaver - Use the L2 Cambridge National In ICT resources that can be found on the school network: start / all programmes/ KS4 / Cambridge National in ICT L2 / Unit R005 / Creating an Interactive Products Using Multi Media Components.  An example of what your finished blog page could look like is here
  2. WIX.COM  
This is an assignment that will really test your independent skills but will also be a great piece of work to talk about in an interview for a job, college place or apprenticeship.

Remember this website needs to meet the needs of a selected business.

Is it to provide information and advice or is it to promote new and existing products or services.

Make sure that you start with this brief clearly in your mind before you start and stick t6o the plan that you created in P6 so that you can deliver it.

For those of you who are struggling with a client brief use the ones below:

  1. A local individual has set up a new coffee shop in East Grinstead called ‘E.G. Delights’. They need you to set up a new website which will help to promote the business. One of their aims is that the cafĂ© will hopefully host events such as birthday parties. They would like the website to have the basic information such as location, contact details, price lists etc., but also a series of good quality images showing the products and an enquiry form. The owner is keen for the website to be available to mobile users too.
  1. A group of young entrepreneurs has decided to start up a hand car wash service in Crawley Down. They need your help to set up a functional website as the competition in the area is quite tough. They would like the website to have the basic features such as location, contact details etc. but also prices for the different car washing services. On the homepage they would like to see photographs of the up-to-date equipment, a photograph of the team of staff in their uniforms and a ‘synopsis’ of why the business should be the business of choice for local customers. Mobile users must also be able to use the site.
As well as the brief, both sites must contain the following elements:

  • At least four pages with navigation (home page, contact etc.)
  • Photographs
  • At least one video
  • Prices
  • Location
  • Contact details
  • Colour
  • At least two different fonts
  • Working hyperlinks

All best wishes and good luck

Mr T

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Animation for your crisp advert

Hi Year 8

Now that we have designed our crisp we need to make an advert for it.

To do this we will be using the flash animation software.

To find this go to start menu / all programmes / adobe creative suite 5 / Adobe Flash professional

Here is a little video to remind you how this works but you will need to think about what your animation will do and the images that you need to find and edit in Photoshop to allow you to do this .You could use the crisp images on the system but before you import them to flash you will need to cut the background out or they will look rather silly.

Extension challenge
Use the help sheet here to make a shape tween (a shape that changes shape between your eyes!)

Then see if you can make a potato morph into a tasty crisp.

Praise email for anyone that can!

Good luck and enjoy

Mr T

Monday, 14 May 2018

P2 Unit 4

Dear Year 12

P2 requires you to describe the customer service provision in the same two businesses that we looked at in P1 That is Thomas Cook and Easy Jet but this time you need to consider what the chosen business does to meet the needs of different groups of internal and external customers.  You should consider individuals, groups, business and leisure as a minimum with examples in the following:

For each group you will need to identify the different needs for each segment of the market and consider how each business meets these needs during the pre-sales, selling and after sales process: with the products and services that they offer

  • What products and services do the selected businesses offer each customer type
  • Are the needs stated at time of making the booking and specific to this customer type 
  • Are the needs unstated or expected by all this customer type 
  • Are the needs related to age, gender, socio economic groups, family circumstances or special interests.
The report should include a broad description but must be supported with specific examples from each of the two selected businesses.  You cannot pass P2 without including specific examples to support the points that you make, e.g. Virgin Atlantic customers include business travellers and wealthy leisure travellers in upper class and premium economy and less wealthy travellers are served in economy cabins.  Talking about how the products and services are differentiated to the different types of travellers would be found out from your research.

Who would the Easy Jet Plus Card appeal too ?

For M1 you need to assess how the services provided meets the specific needs of the different types of customers.  You will need to make some judgement on the effectiveness of the provision and how it meets the specific needs of the different customer profiles

For D1 you need to recommend ways in which a selected organisation could better how it meets its specific customer needs.  This could be in the form of changes to products, new procedure's to improve speed and efficiency of service or an enhancement to the company image.

Good luck and do well

Mr T

Friday, 11 May 2018

P6 from Unit 14

Dear Year 12

Well done to those that submitted their P5 last week.

P6 requires you to plan the design the website with a minimum of 4 pages and a maximum of eight to meet the needs of a clients brief.

1. Can I suggest that we agree and are clear on the clients brief first before you plan out your four pages
  • About us might be one
  • Products and services available could be another
  • Customer recommendations and reviews
  • Contact us.
When designing your website think about the audience that you are creating the website for:

  • What background, style or template will you use to build and support the brand image? 
  • What will the page layout look like?
  • How will you wrap text around images?
  • What background colours will you use and why? 
  • What text will you use and would attract them to read the page for longer?
  • What assets might you add to make it more intrusting e.g. embedded multimedia, digital graphics, video, audio or animation?
  • What forms might you add for any enquiries to be encouraged?
  • How will you allow the customers to navigate between pages and menus both within the website and hyperlinks to other sites and resources?
  • Will you have any interactive aspects such as banners, pop ups, rollover images
  • Will the website be accessible on desktop and mobile devices?
  • Who will host the website? e.g. Go DaddyWhat domain name will you give it?
  • Who will test your website for functionality, quality and usability?
2. Can I then suggest that you decide what software you want to use and get famililar with it. You have a choice here of :
  • Wix
  • Dreamweaver can be used as this is resourced on the network as a key stage four ICT project
  • Blogger which for some who do not have any IT skills may be a preferred choice.
M4 requires you to explain how the plan for the website meets the needs of the selected business.

All best wishes and lets get this done by next Friday 18th May so that we have two weeks to build the web pages.

Mr T

Friday, 4 May 2018

Final furlong with Unit 14

Dear Year 12

Well we have made it to the final stage of this double unit where you need to

Design a website to meet the needs of a business.

P6 requires you to design the website with a minimum of 4 pages and a maximum of eight
  • About us might be one
  • Products and services available could be another
  • Customer recommendations and reviews
  • Contact us.
M4 requires you to explain how the plan for the website meets the needs of the selected business

P7 requires you to create a website independently with a minimum of four interlinked pages in response to the needs of a selected business

P8 Requires you to demonstrate the functionality of the website how accessible it is and how easy it is to use.

M5 requires you to assess, using feedback from others the suitability of the website created in meeting the needs of the business and its customers

D4 requires you to present using the feedback from your peers the recommendations for change or improvement to the functionality, accessibility and usability of the website created
We have three weeks of this term left to complete P6 & P7 leaving the P8 evaluation for next term.

I have identified where the last two merit tasks and the last distinction task fits in with this

All best wishes

Mr T