Friday, 14 June 2019

Using Code On BBC Micro Bits

Dear Year 7 Coders

Our next lesson has a variety of projects to work on.


Who will be the first to create:


Coding for a thermometer



Code for a dice




Coding for a Compass



Other Code Club Projects



For those that wish to push their coding skills further try using the Python Editor which you can access from the link below





Mr T


Thursday, 2 May 2019

P5 Unit 8 Long Haul Travel Destinations

P5 Plan a multi centre long haul tour to meet a given UK visitor profile, showing sources used

A country or tourist area should be chosen for P5 and I would suggest that you pick South East Asia as there is so much to see and do.

You have been given a very fun brief in the assignment.  Your multi centre tour needs to contain at least four centres.  A centre is a main stop within the itinerary.

The tour should be presented as an itinerary and should include transport arrangements to and from the UK and between the four centres.

It should also include details of accommodation used en route and at each centre any car hire, excursions or trips that are pre-booked as well as any attractions that you include and any events that are available to the visitors at that time of year at each centre.

This tour needs to be unique and constructed personally by you.

It should not be copied in part from any existing tour or available today in a brochure or online.

Evidence of research

This challenge expects you to provide a list of evidence (sources) of your research which should be included with this work as a separate bibliography to support this achievement . The bibliography should be referenced in the learners work.  Any research used must be edited into your own words

The Customer Brief

This can be found in the assignment and includes the visitor profile, budget, motivation for the trip, visitor type and restrictions.  Although we don't need a detailed costing you will need to consider the cost when choosing the accommodation or transport and when creating.

M3 Independently plan a detailed multi centre tour, clearly justifying selections for the specified visitor profile

To achieve M3 you need to justify the choices that you have made for all aspects of the planned tour and referring back to the visitor profile.  This could be done verbally or in written format but verbally would require a recording and a witness statement

.Plan of action

  1. Go East! to somewhere that 21-28 days will be interesting and exciting
  2. Sort flights first - can you get to these places?
  3. Then add hotels to meet needs of the couple
  4. Now add activities, time out, sightseeing, day trips, rest days
  5. Ensure the itinerary is in day by day order
  6. Job done!

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Thought for the Day - Time, Attention and Care

Dear Year 10

As we leave our friends behind to focus on Easter can todays thought for the day be on

Time, to reflect on what went well this term and what can be better next.

Attention, are you a person who has learnt about the importance of detail or do you push to make sure that you invest the time to make the attention to everything a priority?

Finally CARE, its the pillars of our society for a reason and as Ofsted noted, it helps us drive our moral compass.

Spend today discussing where you are with the above and more importantly where you would like to be so that your focus for the rest of year 10 is HOW YOU WILL GET THERE.

Happy Friday and sorry you didn't get an Easter card by hand so watch out as ill get it to you somehow before Easter.

Oh and thanks for being the best tutor group ever

Mr T

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

P4 Unit 8 Long Haul Travel Destinations

Describe features and facilities that contribute to the appeal of a selected long haul destination for the different types of visitors from the UK

For P4 a specific destination must be chosen.  I order to link the appeal to different visitor types you need to include a breadth iof information and a destination such as Sydney would work better than the Maldives for this challenge as it would appeal to a wider range of visitors.

All features contributing to the appeal of the chosen destination must be identified and described in detail to achieve P4

Accessibility must include as a minimum , methods of transport, their frequency and examples of cost and facilities together with a full description of attractions (natural, built,events, shopping, cultural), destination facilities (local transport, accommodation range and cost, other e.g. sport, entertainment , food and drink), positive and negative features of the climate that contribute to its appeal for different types of visitors, including leisure, business and other types of visitors identified in teh assignment brief.

M2 Assess the significance of different features and facilities o the appeal of a selected long haul destination for different types of visitors from the UK

For M2 the different features and facilities of the chosen destination must be clearly idntified. The significance of these to its popularity and appeal should be reviewed.  This may involve researching visitor numbers to support your assessment.  commenting on how these visitors numbers to a specific destination have increased since significant new attractions, investment  or major events were introduced.

D2 Evaluate how the selected destination has capitalised on its features and developed its facilities to attract different types of visitor s from the UK

For D2 these features and facilities must be clearly evaluated to show how the destination has capitalised on its features, such as climate, natural attractions and developed its facilities to attract different types of visitors.  This is where selecting a suitable destination comes into play as destinations like Dubai and Las Vegas that have had massive planned development will provide greater scope for evaluation

P5 Personal Selling Role Play

Dear Year 12

this is the penultimate assignment for this Unit so well done you.

For this challenge you are demonstrating your skills that you have learnt on this unit.

Selling is an art and your going to be selling a car in the BMW range to two different customer types.

Before you do anything you need to read:

  1. PowerPoint of theory notes on Sales and Personal Selling
  2. Selling Scenarios that you need to prepare for
  3. My personal selling diary
  4. Two role plays
  5. Unit 5 Sales and Personal Selling Checklist Assistant
  6. P5 Selling scenarios mark sheet
  7. Mini Warranty as most car dealers make significant sums selling those too

Interim deadline for P5 is Friday 5th April 2019

All Unit course work to date needs to be in by 5th April 2019

Friday, 8 March 2019

Gradualtion from Year 10 to 11

Dear Year 10

The information on what you need to include in this folder can be found here R:\Subjects\Key Stage 4\Personal Development\Year 11\ROA.  There is a powerpoint to go through in tutor time together with the folder of templates that students can save into their own area to complete.


Students should fill up their ROA folders as follows:

  • Keep first pocket empty for Graduation booklet and checklist (Grad booklet given in Jan of Year 11)
  • Contents page
  • Personal Statement
  • CV
  • Then other documents, KS4 certificates and evidence of volunteering or involvement with outside clubs etc.  However things like their swim badge certificate at KS2 or 3 is not needed!


What do you do as a Tutor?

  • Keep a check on how ROA’s are going.  These are handed in March/April in Y11.
  • When signing the Check List off for Merit or Distinction evidence must be seen as a photo/letter for any volunteering/clubs etc and students to put this evidence in ROA.
  • DofE = Distinction if signed off on checklist by MAU.  

This Year’s Graduation ceremony for current Y11’s will be on Wednesday 8th May 2020 at the Effingham Hotel and you are more than welcome to come along and see it.

How exciting for you as we prepare your now for life beyond year 11

Mr T

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

P2 Unit 8 - Outline different types of holidays available in long haul destinations that meet specific UK visitor motivations

Dear Year 13

This task requires you to OUTLINE five different types of holiday destinations from five continents that meet very different UK visitor motivations.

Looking at holiday brochures or tour operators online you should provide brief evidence of what the holiday is, who the operator is, whats included, the length of the stay and your departure and arrival locations.

e.g. if you looked at a a Walt Disney World Resort that would be classed as a purpose built destination in North America and typical holidays might be short break - long weekend, single centre, accommodation included or twin centre including a trip down to the Florida Keys or cruise out of Miami. 

Typical motivations for this could include attractions / entertainment.

You need to ensure that you cover each type of holiday and each motivator within the five holiday destinations that you decide to choose but you don't need a separate destination for each one in the list as long as everything in the assignment has been covered at least once in this submission.

Deadline for P1 & P2 is Wednesday 20th March 2019

Other examples could include:

Historic attractions
Asia - Great Wall of China
Touring holiday