Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Business Challenge Week 2020

 Dear candidates

Your chance to launch your own budget airline and pitch your ideas as if you were a candidate on The Apprentice.

The Apprentice Challenge from Sir Alan Sugar

The Success Criteria

Storyboard and design booklet

Can you:

  • Identify a target market, 
  • Create a brand name and logo that will compete for success, 
  • Plan a storyboard for your TV advert, 
  • Design the steward and stewardess uniform and 
  • Deliver a pitch of your ideas.

We look forward to announcing and rewarding the top three

Good luck and enjoy

Mr Mumby 

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Ten steps to success on the Unit 2 Finance Exam

Dear Year 11

this is the page that will help you learn all the key terms, equations and the TEN topics that you have studies in this unit.  Feel free to use it wisely.
  1. Key Equations that you need to know as your not given them in the online assessment
  2. Fixed costs, variable costs and total costs
  3. Costs Revenue and how to make and improve profits see BBC video here
  4. Business Tools - Calculating the Brake Even Point 
  5. Cash flow forecasting
  6. Profit and Loss Accounts (AKA Income Statements)
  7. Budgeting
  8. Sources of Finance available to a business
  9. Balance Sheets (AKA Financial Statement)
  10. PowerPoint of key topics
and once you have got your head around the main topics why not try the online assessment by clicking  here or use the retired test here and here

I do hope that you use it as it is very much what you do now that's important if you want to do well in this assessment on Thursday 26th November 2020

Good luck and enjoy

Mr T

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Learn to touch type to save time on your PC

Two fun and interactive websites to teach yourself how to touch type. 

Can you improve your speeds and your Personal Best of words per minute?

BBC Bitesize Topics - Typing

Typing Club

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Something for the weekend

A new social enterprise appears to be bubbling up from the shoreline in Torquay in Devon from half a dozen passionate people that have come together to collaborate in the music and visual world to launch new talent as well as reach out to other young people who may be struggling with their social and emotional wellbeing in the current climate.  Its early days but this collective of bright minds might just break the music mould and create an outlet of support that's affordable, sustainable and driven by passion and skill.  Below is one of the first artists, Anika, that they are looking to promote and launch. Great acoustics, lighting and atmosphere from this unplugged and talented pair in the intimate live lounge in Torquay.

Good luck Kal, Anica, Badger and Sebastian I think you have something special here!

Friday, 12 June 2020

Be the Future Challenge

This is a great competition in association with the Peter Jones Foundation if you missed it.

All around social enterprise so click here and enjoy the new 'Be the Future Challenge'

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Have you got time to "Do Something Great?

The Peter Jones Foundation has created an opportunity regardless of whatever else is going on currently, you might just find the time to click here and register for free.

Monday, 4 May 2020

Are you getting the best out of you?

Our thinking, ability to take ownership and our behaviour are just three aspects of our personality that might be preventing ourselves from living our best life possible.  The link here gets you to reflect on these key success factors so that you can manage yourself more effectively and be the best you can be.

After all, we only have one life, so surely its best to live our best life possible?