Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Unit 1 P1 - Considering the External Factors - PESTLE

Dear Year 12

We are now entering the final stage of  the PASS tasks for Unit 1

P1 asks you to consider the local and national factors.  The business environment that a business needs to be able to understand and deal with if it will be successful.

This is your Presentation that will inform your audience about national and local factors in the business environment and how they affect a start up business.  I am not expecting you to present this but is does need to be a powerpoint and the resources below are designed to help and support a successful outcome:

P1 Outline how the business environment can impact on a start up business
Local Factors to consider
Local factors powerpoint - you will probably notice its full of visual examples to support the points you make

Local factors structure guide or blank template

This resource might help in terms of considering the LOCAL FACTORS and location here and here

National Factors to consider

National factors powerpoint
National factors structure guide

This resource might help in considering the NATIONAL FACTORS here

Some more political factors to consider here

Don't stop here - aim for that B grade

For those looking to gain a MERIT on this Unit 1 here is your extension challenge for this piece of work:

M1 Explain how changes in the current business environment are likely to impact on a start up business

Top Tips from the Exam Board

"Learner needs to outline how the business environment can impact on a start-up business"

To do this properly you need to do some research and make sure that you include the references for it.

Where to research and find information:
Sources of information, e.g. broadsheet and local newspapers, professional and trade
journals, websites, business networking organisations

Make sure that the sources you use are reliable and unbiased

This resource here is a summary of what changed in the last budget.  Have a read and identify anything that might impact negatively or be some support when you consider launching your business

Don't forget to include a discussion on the impact of these factors that you identify on your selected group of customers that you intend to target if they are relevant to your business proposition

The deadline for this P1 M1 is Period 1 on Tuesday 22nd January 2019

Thursday, 10 January 2019

P4 Unit 2 - the Business Plan for Your Travel Industry Enterprise

P4 – M2 – D2 

To achieve P4, learners are required to produce a business case for a travel and tourism business enterprise within financial constraints. The enterprise should take account of the competition and be planned to gain a competitive advantage  and be either a:

  • small business venture, eg a visitor attraction, 
  • escorted walking holidays or
  • guest house - see Trip advisor best B&B in UK 2015 here

The financial constraints are set as part of the assignment and resources are on the system!

Learners are not expected to run the project; they are expected to put together a business case to gain approval to run the project or small business venture and to present the business case to an accountant or financial advisor in order to judge its feasibility. 

Learners must set their objectives and undertake thorough research for all aspects of the enterprise. 

Full business case details must be included in the submission including:

  1. Aims and objectives of your business enterprise see here
  2. Start up capital required and sources of finance
  3. Cash flow forecast see here
  4. The ability to identify a target market from typical market segments 
  5. Details of intended marketing materials to generate awareness of this new venture see here
  6. Competitive analysis, USP and competitive advantage strategy see here
  7. Clear time-scales for the setting up and operation of the enterprise. 
Learners must produce a business case that is feasible, ie researched and realistic and achieve set objectives, eg make a profit within given time-scales, raise income and cover costs, meet a recognised demand, target appropriate markets, take account of competition, gain competitive advantage. 

The business case could be presented verbally with supporting evidence or in a written format. If presented verbally, it could be to a panel of business start-up experts, the panel being made up of external experts and tutors. Learners can achieve P4 even if the business case has room for improvement as long as the evidence includes objectives, timescales, financial and marketing details, a list of actions required, is within the specified financial constraints, has a cash flow forecast and is feasible. 

To achieve M2, learners should explain the feasibility of the business case and justify how it will meet the objectives. Assessors can question learners to establish feasibility and check understanding in relation to timescales, financial feasibility and actions required in order to meet objectives. To achieve M2, the business case should be sound and the learners reasonably confident in their approach and their responses. 

To achieve D2, learners should present a professional business case responding confidently to questions and justifying its feasibility. It is expected that the business case will have been thoroughly researched, presented in a professional format (written) or within a professional presentation (oral) and with supporting materials to clarify and expand on the details within the business case. Learners will respond confidently and knowledgeably to questions and be able to justify why their business case is feasible in terms of it being well researched, realistic and that it will
meet its objectives

Friday, 4 January 2019

P5 M4 D2 Looking for investors!

Morning Year 12

Todays challenge is to attract investment for your start up business.

People generally invest in you so make sure you pick an appropriate legal structure and complee your investors report to impress and secure the investment that you need.

Presentations of your suggested ideas fior your individual businesses will be P1 on Monday.

Deadline for P5 is a week today - Friday 11th January 2018 period 1 in my postbox.


Mr T

Resources to support:

  1. Report for Investors Powerpoint
  2. Report for Investors Template / Checklist
  3. Start Up Costs and Running Costs
  4. M4 D2 Resources - Template
  5. M4 D2 Resources - Powerpoint
Hat tip to Louis for providing the exemplar here notice how he has put the authentication details into his script!

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

P4 Unit 1 - My first Business Plan

Morning Year 12 L2

If you have not submitted P3 M3 go and do it period 1 today before you come back P2
1. Put yourself in teams of three.

2. Think of nine business start ups.

3. SWOT Analysis or the top three exciting ones to see which one you decide

4. Pick one that you think would be the most successful
5. Now carry out a competitive analysis for one
6. Carry out some secondary research. How big is the market ? Is it in decline or growth? Who appears to be doing well and why?

7. Primary research - Create a ten question survey in first plan the questions then convert them into a google forms
8. Send it to at least 10 people out side school
9. Write up your findings in the form of a business plan see below 
10. Create a presentation to a dragons den audience with the intention of securing investment! How much do you need and how much PROFIT are you happy to give them in return ?

Business plan presentation expectation by next Tuesday 11th December 2018 P1

Working Collaboratively create: 
  1. Dragons Den Presentation

P4 Part 2 - Checklist of things to include apart from the Fully competed Business Plan by Tuesday 18th December 2018 3pm in to my post-box!

  1. Peter Jones 90 day Business Plan or any other you can find from a bank, Barclays or HSBC or use this one here if its easier? Business Plans - why bovver?
  2.  SWOT Analysis 
  3. Planning the questionnaire
  4. Questionnaire survey - Survey Monkey or Google Forms
  5. What the results from the survey tell me
  6. Appendix of resources and research
Enjoy your start up budget is £10k per business idea as no one will lend you any less!

Mr T



Friday, 14 December 2018

#BITC working to develop student leadership and character in local schools in East Grinstead in partnership with #EGBA

"Just imagine if......."

East Grinstead
was the home of the 

'flower capital of Sussex'

in partnership with our potential founder members and inspirational thinkers including:

The Official Opening Ceremony Dignitaries
The Duke of Sussex 
Lord Lieutenant of West Sussex 

Town Mayor

#BITC - the inspirational thinkers
The Princes Trust - 'the believers that youth can do it'
East Grinstead Business Association - the networkers

The Sponsors
BBC Gardeners World & Alan Titchmarsh
Waitrose - the potential sponsors
London Bar and Grill - the risk takers
East Grinstead Book Shop - the visionary
The Retreatery - the brand builders
The Bluebell Railway - the tourist attractors and movers 

Town Council - the shakers
Orchard Nurseries - the town's growers
Doves Barn - the town's growers
East Grinstead in Bloom - the experts
The Tycoon in School Winners 2018  the PJ Foundation Alumni and Experience Directors

The Town Schools
Sackville - the workforce
Imberhorne - the workforce


How difficult would it be to?

Imagine if a student lead, enterprise challenge was available for anyone in any town school to get involved with.

Imagine if a tunnel of flowers from the railway up station approach up the London Road around the old high street and as far as Sackville College.

Imagine if we could beg, borrow and buy flowers from growers and fund it by the benefactors who will make money from the increase in visitors to the town.

Imagine if we staffed it by student volunteers and other volunteers from the town.

Imagine if it was projected managed by Tycoon in School Alumni

Imagine if it was supported by Waitrose, The Town Council, East Grinstead in Bloom

Imagine if it was sponsored by business owners, grants and other initiatives

Friday, 7 December 2018

Money Matters so is it not time that you learned about it

Dear Year 10

we have an opportunity in partnership with Martin Lewis from MoneySavingExpert.com website to teach you loads about it.