Thursday 28 January 2021

Building on the mock exam grades and ensuring the final grade reflects the effort and hard work that I have put in

There is no getting away from the fact that hard work and effort produces the results and this will always be the case.  GCSE exams require exam technique skills and sound subject knowledge and the only way to develop both is to think of strategies that support and underpin both.

Finding a way to recap a topic that suits you is key.  If your a visual and or auditory learner that might be listening to a podcast or YouTube video and I have a link of suggestions below.

Testing your subject knowledge is best done with past paper exam questions and then looking at the mark scheme to see how you got on.  That way tends to be the best way to embed the exam technique as well as remind you of stuff you didn't know or maybe forgot.  Seneca Learning can also provide this in a lesser degree and is quicker at providing instant feedback and hitting you with similar questions until you get them right.

I have attached a PowerPoint here of exam-specific activities that we have discussed in the parent consultation evening so that will be time well spent looking at the demands of the different questions and the importance of including CONTEXT in your answers. 

Anyway here is a link of resources that are free:



Two Teachers have established themselves well over the last 12 months  


Tutor2U are also doing live sessions with the one delivered at 3pm today on Marketing available here

Seneca Learning 


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