Monday 6 January 2014

Unit 29 Understanding Retailing - P1 - Describe the structure and organisation of the retail sector

Good morning year 13

Here we have it Unit 29 has arrived.  Click here for the unit outline.

In P1 today we will start by getting to know the organisation of the retail sector. To do this we will create our own Monopoly board from your choice of businesses. Each box on the board should contain the name of a business organisation in the local area. To each box add a logo.

The businesses you select should meet the following criteria:

Different locations -
  • In town
  • out of town
  • retail park
Different ownership types:
  • Independent
  • Multiple
  • Voluntary
  • Franchise
Q. What is the most popular?
  • Activity
  • Location
  • Form of ownership
  • Size
The great shopping debate & what Christmas taught us about the retail industry read on!
In P2 we will consider through research the size and structure of the retail sector.
  1. What sales are generated by the sector ?
  2. The percentage contribution to the gross domestic product
  3. What are the current trends in retail sales?
  4. How profitable is the sector?
  5. The variety of store sizes that operate?
  6. The proportion of independent and multiple retailers
  7. The proportion of not for profit and public places available?
  8. Explain what we mean by third places?
  9. Describe the employment characteristics of the sector
High street retailers, winners and losers! interested read more here
Assessment activity

For P1 you will be tasked with writing a report on the current state of the retail sector.  The current organisation of the sector, details of its structure, the different retail formats that have evolved along with the rationale for the location of these retail outlets.  You should furnish your report with facts and figures to illustrate your points and relate this to real business examples along with the size and trends in sales, trends in the number of retailer types.  Your report should also contain visual material to illustrate your work and make reference to different types of retailers including for profit, not for profit and public place retailers.  You should also include a section discussing the unique employment characteristics of the retail sector.

For M1 you will need to compare the function of five different retail formats and their shopping locations.  To compare means to emphasise the similarities and differences.  The retail format and location are closely linked.  By comparing the different formats, you should identify why retailers prefer different locations and explain the retail function they perform.

Some video clips to get you thinking:

Q. How has our use of the high street changed over the last 10 years

The science of shopping

The retail industry

Deadline: Wednesday 15th January 2013 for both P1 & M1


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    I don't understand M1? What is meant by the word formats and could you please explain what I am supposed to write for M1?

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