GCSE Business

AQA GCSE Business Studies
Year 9 - Monday Period 2 / Friday Period 1
Year 10 - Tuesday Period 5 / Thursday Period 4
Year 11 - Wednesday Period 2 / Thursday Period 3

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Extra bits and pieces..

Below are some revision resources for those doing the AQA GCSE Business Studies exams this summer they include key term test, quizes, drag n drop, crossword, handgman so click on businessstudiesonlline and you will find activities that match the appropraite chapters for both unit one and unit two. 

This chap on youtube has some top tips for you to watch.
You might then like to test your knowledge by completing the notetaker pack and topic test for each chapter.  Good luck and enjoy Mr T

Unit 2 Growing as a Business Year 11 Paper 2 Revision

Chapter 6 The Business Organisatio
2.1.1 Expanding a business  Notetaker pack & topic test

2.1.2 Choosing the right legal structure Notetaker pack & topic test
2.1.3 Changing business aims & objectives Notetaker pack & topic test
2.1.4 Choosing the best location Notetaker pack & topic test
Key Term Test

Chapter 7 Marketing 

2.2.1 Using the marketing mix - Product Notetaker pack & topic test
2.2.2 Using the marketing mix - Price Notetaker pack & topic test
2.2.3 Using the marketing mix - Promotion Notetaker pack & topic test
2.2.4 Using the marketing mix - Place Notetaker pack & topic test
The Marketing Mix Song  An alternative look at the 4Ps
Marketing Mix Video Clip - exam technique

Key Term Test

Chapter 8 Finance
2.3.1 Finance for a large business Notetaker pack & topic test
2.3.2 Profit and loss A/C's Notetaker pack and topic test
2.3.2 Balance Sheets Notetaker pack & topic test
Video clip on profit and loss and balance sheets
Key Term Test

Chapter 9 People in Organisations
2.4.1 Organisational Structures  Notetaker pack & topic test
Organsiational structures Vidoe clip
2.4.2 Recruitment and retention of staff  Notetaker pack & topic test
Recruitment video clip part one
Recruitment video clip part two
2.4.3 Training and Motivation Notetaker pack and topic test
Motivation video clip

Key term test

Chapter 10 Operational Management
2.5.1 Production Methods for growing businesses  Notetaker pack & topic test
Stock control and lean production video clip
2.5.2 Recognising Challenges for growth Notetaker pack & topic test
Economies of scale video clip
2.5.3 Managing quality assurance in a growing business Notetaker pack & topic test
Key term test

Unit 1 Setting up a business Year 10 Paper 1 Revision

Chapter One Starting a business
1.1.1 Starting a business notetaker pack & topic test
Video clip on starting a business SBTV
1.1.2 Setting business aims and objectives notetaker pack & topic test
Video clip on aims and objectives
1.1.3 Business planning notetaker pack & topic test
1.1.4 Choosing the appropriate legal structure notetaker pack & topic test
Video clip on choosing the right structure
1.1.5 Choosing the location of the busienss notetaker pack & topic test

Chapter 2 Marketing
1.2.1 Conducting market research notetaker pack & topic test
1.2.2 Using the marketing mix notetaker pack & topic test

Chapter 3 Finance
1.3.1 Finacial support for a small business notetaker pack & topic test
Sources of finance video clip
1.3.2 Financial terms and simple calculations notetaker pack & topic test
1.3.3 Using Cashflow notetaker pack & topic test

Chapter 4 People in business
1.4.1 Recruiting notetaker pack & topic test
1.4.2 Motivating staff notetaker pack & topic test
Video clip on training
1.4.3 Protecting staff through legislation notetaker pack & topic test

Chapter 5 Operational Management
1.5.1 Production methods notetaker pack & topic test
1.5.2 Customer service notetaker pack & topic test
An alternative revision of key terms

General Revision  activities that links well with the chapters above