Thursday 10 November 2011

Good morning year 10

now that your new businesses are taking shape I would like you to think about what you need to do to get them ready to go to market by the 1st December 2011 and have a trade stand at the Oxford Spires Christmas Market.  Has your team got what it takes?

I am also delighted to introduce the following learner led e-resources for you to use.  You will have access to this 24/7 to prepare for both Paper 1 in the summer - see link below:

Today we are going to look again at 'Stakeholders' as most of you did not do such a great job on the homework. See how far we can get with our understanding of this subject using the link below so that you feel confident both with the topic and using this software outside the classroom.

Use the software and read the ebook Chapter 2 Starting a business.
Click on the following link:

  • Entering the password 
  • Click on the book in the LHS top corner!
  • Then click on the resource overview
  • Click on chapter 2 'Starting a business'
  • Start by reading the ebook on Chapter 2 
  • Now carry out the following activities on the right hand side of the screen:
  1. drag and drop
  2. photo
  3. link coffee nation
  4. etc
We want to draw a mind map of all the stakeholders that will have an impact on the business to put into your folders - start with a definition use mine or the one in the book

Now see how good you are with either or both of this testing activities
click here to download the stakeholder worksheet

Other resources 
Ah yes don't forget that the AQA GCSE Business Studies core text is a great resource - turn to pg 14-15 if your finding this topic a bit tricky or don't like the e-book.  You also have free access to the notetaker packs and resources that I created previously for you so click here scroll down and pick a topic WOWSERS do I spoil you or do I spoil you !

HOMEWORK - set 10th November 2011

The first of five topic tests making sure that you are confident with the KEY TERM knowledge for paper one is tomorrow in P3.  Download it here 

1st Formal Test 15th November 2011

Next lesson will be based on limited liability with homework linked to the different company set ups, Sole Traders, Ltd Companies, PLC, Charities and Franchises - feel free to read up on it


Mr T 

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