Friday 8 March 2019

Gradualtion from Year 10 to 11

Dear Year 10

The information on what you need to include in this folder can be found here R:\Subjects\Key Stage 4\Personal Development\Year 11\ROA.  There is a powerpoint to go through in tutor time together with the folder of templates that students can save into their own area to complete.


Students should fill up their ROA folders as follows:

  • Keep first pocket empty for Graduation booklet and checklist (Grad booklet given in Jan of Year 11)
  • Contents page
  • Personal Statement
  • CV
  • Then other documents, KS4 certificates and evidence of volunteering or involvement with outside clubs etc.  However things like their swim badge certificate at KS2 or 3 is not needed!


What do you do as a Tutor?

  • Keep a check on how ROA’s are going.  These are handed in March/April in Y11.
  • When signing the Check List off for Merit or Distinction evidence must be seen as a photo/letter for any volunteering/clubs etc and students to put this evidence in ROA.
  • DofE = Distinction if signed off on checklist by MAU.  

This Year’s Graduation ceremony for current Y11’s will be on Wednesday 8th May 2020 at the Effingham Hotel and you are more than welcome to come along and see it.

How exciting for you as we prepare your now for life beyond year 11

Mr T

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