Tuesday 26 March 2019

P5 Personal Selling Role Play

Dear Year 12

this is the penultimate assignment for this Unit so well done you.

For this challenge you are demonstrating your skills that you have learnt on this unit.

Selling is an art and your going to be selling a car in the BMW range to two different customer types.

Before you do anything you need to read:

  1. PowerPoint of theory notes on Sales and Personal Selling
  2. Selling Scenarios that you need to prepare for
  3. My personal selling diary
  4. Two role plays
  5. Unit 5 Sales and Personal Selling Checklist Assistant
  6. P5 Selling scenarios mark sheet
  7. Mini Warranty as most car dealers make significant sums selling those too

Interim deadline for P5 is Friday 5th April 2019

All Unit course work to date needs to be in by 5th April 2019

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