Wednesday 6 March 2019

P2 Unit 8 - Outline different types of holidays available in long haul destinations that meet specific UK visitor motivations

Dear Year 13

This task requires you to OUTLINE five different types of holiday destinations from five continents that meet very different UK visitor motivations.

Looking at holiday brochures or tour operators online you should provide brief evidence of what the holiday is, who the operator is, whats included, the length of the stay and your departure and arrival locations.

e.g. if you looked at a a Walt Disney World Resort that would be classed as a purpose built destination in North America and typical holidays might be short break - long weekend, single centre, accommodation included or twin centre including a trip down to the Florida Keys or cruise out of Miami. 

Typical motivations for this could include attractions / entertainment.

You need to ensure that you cover each type of holiday and each motivator within the five holiday destinations that you decide to choose but you don't need a separate destination for each one in the list as long as everything in the assignment has been covered at least once in this submission.

Deadline for P1 & P2 is Wednesday 20th March 2019

Other examples could include:

Historic attractions
Asia - Great Wall of China
Touring holiday   


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  2. Lets add another word that your need to demonstrate inside your strategy - reasonable. media contact database