Monday 29 January 2018

Exam technique and revision resources

Dear Year 11 GCSE Business 

Here are some resources to support you in your journey to the final exams.

Writing frames to structure exam question responses and get ALL the marks 
  • State for 1 or 2m see how here
  • Calculate for 2-3m see how here
  • Describe for 3 to 4m here
  • Explain for 3m see how here
  • Identify for 1 to 2m see here
  • Outline for 2m see here
  • Discuss for 6m see how to do it here
  • Assess for 6m here
  • What is meant by... click here
  • Advantages and disadvantages 3m, 6m, 9m questions see how here
Useful formula and golden rules to remember
  • A list of formula that you need to know are here
  • Exam skills power point Golden rules 

Command and trigger words 
  • Command words that you need to know here and here
  • Trigger words and getting all the marks here
Confident with Connectives
  • Connectives to put your ideas in order here
  • Connectives for adding information here
  • Connectives to compare how things are the same here
  • Connectives to contrast how things are different here
  • Connectives to show cause and effect here
  • Connectives to add further information here
Practice makes perfect

Past paper and mark scheme from Summer 2010 are now available on the student shared drive.  These include:

June 2010
January 2011
June 2011
January 2012
June 2012
January 2013
June 2013

You can find these papers and the marks schemes at:
Student shared/Subjects/KS4/Business/GCSEYr11/Pastpaperquestions

Over to you to have a go, see how you get on and bring any problem questions to discuss with me or Mr Mumby any period 6 on a Wednesday night.

Good luck and enjoy

Mr T

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