Wednesday 24 January 2018

P5 What legal structure will you use to set up your start up business?

Hi Year 10
Having considered the different businesses that you might like to set up we now need to consider the legal ways are available when setting up a business.
  • Today you need to use the template found in the link below to explain what each legal set up consists of and
  • Give some examples of the different types of businesses that have set up with this legal structure
  • Add the advantages and disadvantages of each type before moving on to the next legal structure

The link below will take you to a template and that's what we can start to work on next.
That will then lead us nicely into a business plan which will allow you to PASS P4 & P5 at the same time but just focus on the table at the top of this sheet.
Online resources
Sole Traders
Business ownership - general
I think a week is long enough to realistically complete P5 so don't delay get on with starting it today.
Deadline is P1 on Wednesday 31st January 2018 and P4 on Thursday 1st February.
All best wishes

Mr T

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