Tuesday 30 January 2018

P3 Unit 3 Researcha nd describe the key features of three different types of UK destinations

Dear Year 12

Well done for keeping up with yourself.
The deadline that you have set yourself for today is P3 and M1 - other interim deadlines here

The assignment for this part of the unit is here

The self and peer assessment checklist for P3 is here

The resource to ensure you secure the M1 is here but feel free to discover your own sources of research.  Remember M1 is asking you to ANALYSE how ONE of the three destinations in P3 attracts and meets the needs of the four inbound and domestic tourists you looked at in P2. 

For D1 you then need to make some JUDGEMENT on how effective the chosen destination has been in attracting the domestic and inbound visitors.  Find some evidence to support this. By noting any specific qualities the destination has will support this along with making any recommendations for the future so that this location can address any gaps or weaknesses in the provision 

If we keep up with our interim timetable we will have all next term to secure P4 & P5 M2 & D2 and any address any corrections that you still need to make..

Well done for working so hard between lessons

Mr T

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