Monday 27 November 2017

Something to reflect upon leading up to the mocks!

Good Morning Year 11

Don't forget its not too late to buy your...

As we reflect on yesterdays remembrance Sunday message "they gave up their tomorrows so that we could enjoy our todays" I think its fair to say that we should make the most of every single one of them.

This term really has to continue to focus on your dry run to the end of year exams so we will kick off today with some revision resources to help you prepare for success.
Quote of the week in Imberhorne "If the plan I have created works I will be finished a day early"

The blog page here will take you back to the three videos that were shared again last week as part of the ACADEMIC MONITORING season:

I have also attached a blog page below on youth mentoring with some resources that you might find useful.

I have also attached some revision advice and guidance resources on this page below too

 My favourite "Thoughf for the day" from last week is here Its worth a read as its all to do with freedom and liberty which the 56 million lives were lost to protect over the two great wars and well worth a listen to
Which bridge built over a hundred years ago is actually a foot taller than it was when it was created due to the compression of the cast iron it is made from and the pressure from the gauge below?

BBC Short Stories competition preparations for 2018 or for now here

Book At Bedtime for you budding A-level English students

BBC More or less for you budding Economists and Fifty Things That  Made the Modern Economy

Next Terms Big Global Event - Global Enterprise Week this week
A list of speakers can be found here to get a golden ticket please feel free to ask the Head of Faculty.  So for Tuesdays talk on horticulture and the alternative business model or the Thursday slot on branding, enterprise and franchising see Mr Mumby,  For Publishing and Events see Head of English and Tourism and to meet a young dentist ask the head of science. 

Ted Talks - Do Schools kill Creativity by Ken Robinson
I have included a very short video created by Ted Talks this week 15-minute clip answers the question. I think they have the potential of it unless you excite and inspire and let everyone lead on what they want to lead on then like Imberhorne you un-tap the hidden potential and see what really lies beneath see here

This might inspire you to watch some other Ted Talks on a topic of your choice to ignite your interest in a SUPER CURRICULAR in the event that you do end up applying to a 'redbrick' University or Oxbridge!


Mr T

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