Monday 6 November 2017

Good morning year 11
with less than 100 days to go before the real exams and much less for the December mocks I thought that we could use the career development planning afternoon window to look at injecting some motivation into you with regard to planning your revision. 
In comparison world class athlete's and rugby, football and cricket teams don't win on a global stage by chance.  They PLAN, PREPARE and PRACTISE.  Here are a few top tips and some bite size help and support to help you do the same: 

Mr Celani has created this presentation to explain the above. How great is he !

You will be the Class of 2018 so make sure you make it your best year ever so you can see it on your leavers hoody already and wear it when its printed with pride

Revision plan
A typical revision plan looks like this.  You don't have to use this layout but the slide show below is a great example of what yours could look like and it would save you lots of time  re-inventing the wheel. To save you time I have attached one below for you to personalise to your exam commitments
6 Week Revision Plan
View more presentations from Mr Celani here
The link here will take you to that template I mentioned earlier to create your own.  You might also wish to look further down at the top tips and advice also available here and free to you.

Thinking further ahead and onto the final exams in the summer these revision tips below might be quite helpful.
Revision Tips

And if that's not enough to coach and mentor yourself with over the Christmas holiday period then why not look at what advice packs might support you when the pressure builds from below:

GCSE revision tips   - Coping with worries and anxieties
GCSE revision tips   - How to remember
GCSE revision tips   - How to revise
GCSE revision tips   - How to do exams
GCSE revision tips   - Exam vocabulary

Positive thinking download

The best until last.  If you like what you see above why don't you treat yourself for Christmas to the exam booklet and revision diary below:
Exam booklet for 2011 - 2012
Revision Diary for Mocks and beyond outline
Mock exam timetable

Good luck, enjoy and happy half term

Mr T

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