Tuesday 3 October 2017

Good morning Year 10

I know now how hungry you are to learn so I have continued to write you a menu with three starters, three main courses and two puddings to feed it!  Will you eat it all?


  • Feedback is Golden so lets start today with yours - I was impressed with some of your ideas and I think the  top 5 would be great to use and sign up to the Peter Jones Tycoon in School so why not write the business plan and submit it so your feedback is waiting for you to record so lets spend the next five minutes capturing the golden feedback in your notebooks in green pen. (4-8) where I stamped it Grade, WWW, EBI


  • Recap Enterprise skills challenge (4-7) Self assessment and why?
  • Last weeks flipped lesson opportunity  Merit if you spot it
    Producing Goods and Service to meet 21st Century Customer Needs and wants here


  • What did you learn today? (4-9)

Homework 6 Week 5

What's the flipped part of the next lesson - Merit if you spot it

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