Tuesday 3 October 2017

Unit 1 The Business Environment - Inspired by Mr Fellows as theres no benefit to being in the dark...

Dear Year 12

By now some of you will have realised that this course has been very well planned for you to achieve the best grade you can but no one is doing it for you.

The powerpoints provide the THEORY required and the BIG questions that you ask and answer should DRIVE your RESEARCH. Internal environment here External Environment here

The RESEARCH LOG is not a box filling exercise dictated to you by your teacher it is an opportunity to COLLECT AND COLLATE EVIDENCE to use in your final WRITE UP.  Actually in effect your REFERENCE LOG will be your BIBLIOGRAPHY as no one really wants to read what you say unless its underpinned with EVIDENCE or an EXPERIENCE which is personal to you but the BTEC ASSESSMERNT CRITERIA on this NEW L3 COURSE expect you to have it in your final submission and you can decide I am sure which REFERENCING SYTEM you USE but I would RECCOMMEND the HARVARD method if your unsure 

The GOOGLE DOCS page for those that are using it should be the FIRST DRAFT of your thoughts but remember less is more when your WRITING.

Checklist here


Mr T

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