Monday 2 October 2017

Young Enterprise Company Programme - Week 2 Meeting 2 -Were off...

Dear ImberEntreprenuers

I have to say that I am seriously impressed at how you've taken on the first challenge now let's get the finished product looking fab and in reception so we can advertise it internally to students, teachers, tutors, HOY, HOF's and the SLT and externally to parents and governors.  Just make sure that the back of the card has the latest YE logo on it and that the cards have been designed and printed by Year 12 YE Company Programme team members at Imberhorne School and that a contribution of each card is going to your chosen charity and state what that is. Orders can be taken at reception at both schools for all cards and all sizes once you have your final copies available to choose from the following:

We also have a Board of Directors:

Managing Director - Nell Foister
Company Secretary - Charlotte Shorey
Director of Finance - Charlotte Powell
Director of Sales - Oliva Thompson
Director of Marketing - James Salter
Director of Human Resources - James Woodward
Director of Operations - Marina Billings
Director of Digital Technology - Harrison Malik
Director of Corporate Social Responsibility - Alex Manalus

On a final note, your next challenge is here

Good luck and have a great week and remember all the resources that you need are available on the link here including the process as a flow diagram, a calendar of key dates and the suggested minutes for each meeting and a typical agenda to run it by

Peter & Mr T

PS just in case you still don't believe your next year's winners this was last years finalists here or even this chap from Harvard here

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