Wednesday 27 September 2017

Even more Brake Even Practice and an End of Topic Test

Good Afternoon Year 12 & Good morning Year 10

Well today you will be doingbusinesswithMrsE remotely

Your Distinction challenge is here.  Once completed email the work or the link to us both and once we have it all we can email you the answers so you can mark it yourself before I see you Friday Period 1.  Make sure if you share the link you do so with the shared properties as can edit so we can add our feedback.

If you get that done you can enjoy the other activities below! 

Quick recap questions click here

Quick recap on drawing the graph here and the powerpoint you used to take your class notes from which I've re-posted here

Its now Over to you for some more practice

With a Driving School activity  here

and if you finish that you might like a taster of what your online test looks like.

The sample assessment material can be found on the link below

Unit 2Finance Exam/BTEC First Online / SAMS
(Sample Assessment Material) is here

For those who looked a little further your end of topic test is here

Distinction Challenge answers here

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