Thursday 28 September 2017

What is an Entrepreneur and have you got the skills to be?

Good morning Year 10

I know now how hungry you are to learn so I have continued to write you a menu with three starters, three main courses and two puddings to feed it!  Will you eat it all?


  • Last weeks homework - I was impressed that 90% of you thought it wasn't good enough and did it again so your feedback is waiting for you to record so lets spend the next five minutes capturing the golden feedback in your notebooks in green pen. (4-8)


  • Recap last lesson this week what business idea would you launch that link up the technology - (this weeks homework) sketch, podcast, written script or that favourite 45 year old book!

  • Todays flipped lesson theory - What is an Entrepreneur and have you got the skills to be one is here   Who's already had a think about it ? (4-7)

  • Short answer exam style multiple choice questions (4-7)


  • What did you learn today? (4-9)

Homework 5 Week 4
Homework for Next week - learn the new (4-9) Grade Descriptors and be able to explain them to Mr T next lesson.  You might have notice the levels 8 & 9 are extension challenges on the blog page and for extra thinking beyond the lesson but you can all enjoy the lesson again after today by looking at it all again! 

What's the flipped part of the next lesson - Merit if you spot it
Producing Goods and Service to meet 21st Century Customer Needs and wants here

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