Tuesday 19 September 2017

13B Recruitment & Selection Unit 8 LO A Point six on the checklist - 2 lessons w/c/ 18th September and w/c/ 25th

There are many ways you can make a living but being a head hunter is not a bad one as you can charge a healthy fee for spotting talent and if you keep in touch with an employee that you have placed on a regular basis once they are ready to move you can place them again!

Why do Asda and Tescos recruit online see here?

Why would you head hunt a Restaurant Manager for the new Cote in East Grinstead here!

Using powerpoint lesson 8 & 9 on student shared write up point six on the checklist you have been given.

This should take two lessons this week and next so keep up and those that were missing today tell them to step up and catch up before I see them next lesson

Good Luck and do well

Mr T

For those pitching at a distinction or distinction star on Unit 8 see what James Caan has to say about investing in people with passion and the importance of the soft skills not just the technical skills below

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