Wednesday 20 September 2017

Mad about Marketing Lesson 2 - Sampling & Survey's

Dear Year 11 here's to our 'Double Trouble' lesson for this week

Well can you keep up the pace?

Inspired by you I have designed your lesson "to feed your hunger" for learning but don't think you can cherry pick the best bits you will be getting to enjoy it all. The a la carte comment means that you just get to pick the order !

Starter - A la carte

Self and peer reflection from last lesson

Feedback is Golden – your self and peer reflection – The Apprentice Challenge  - Sadly Imbertube let you down with no sound so a bonus PRAISE EMAIL  if you sort the problem and a MERIT on hand in next week - assessment doc here

Mr Brown said "  The girls were clearly better organised with quite good delivery.  The boys were not so well organised, delivery was at times quite poor but …. I think they covered more of the assessment objectives.  The girls stopped about half way through.  The benefits/disadvantages of team work, no-one from the girls team took ownership and saw the task through to completion! " so who did the best job on this your first challenge ?

Bonus starter to wake you up and get you thinking here
Last lessons homework coming in TODAY
Mad about marketing enough to launch your own product or service due in today

Main Course (a la Carte)

Activity 1 - Imberhorne sweets click here

Activity 2. - Class notes - subject knowledge from PowerPoint on student shared (lesson 2 Sampling and surveys TTH)

Activity 3 -  Match the sampling method click here and mark it so you know that its correct and rank it for most difficulty and costly 1= difficult and costly 4 = easy and cheap to do (this is for you A*)

Activity 4 - Marketing Activity - Loose change click here will the boys have it again?

Activity 4 - 10/10 Key term test from last weeks lesson  here and self reflection (marking) here will you hit the class target of 100% A* - C we will see!

'Exit Ticket' click here

Malvern Safari Park click here here 
I've added a little writing frame here to plan your answer and to guarantee our 100% A* to B as well as an exam assistant template for building your confidence with understanding the command word  on IDENTIFY and EXPLAIN and ASSESS so use these tools wisely and remember what it helps you to do as it won't be available in the exam in 133 days from now!

Due date 27th September P3 or BEFORE !

I hope you enjoy the lesson today as much as I did planning and facilitating it!

Out of interest was it a 1 - Outstanding 2 - Good enough 3 - needs more planning and inspiration or 4 - Pants!

Until next week when I am sure that you will tell me if it falls below a 1
Mr T

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