Tuesday 19 September 2017

Year 12C L3 Lesson Tuesday P4 W/c 18th September & 12A

Ok you lovely people I think to do well on L3 you know that you have to "Step Up" as one of you already delivered the quote of the week "I stepped up when I walked through that door today Sir"

Well, at least we are now using Google Docs so you should be able to easily catch up with the skills you now have.

Don't forget Young Enterprise Company Programme sign up is here and the Google Trainer sign up here

Well were off and on it Here we go with Unit 1 Learning Outcome C (LOC) Task P4 & P5

We will hand out the assignment on 17th October so until then we are in the shallow end, learning and researching.

The first deadline which is fixed and final will be on 14th December 2017.  All work will be submitted to the Librarian

You have a checklist/marking sheet on shared for Unit 1 Assignment 2 LO C as well as the assignment when the time is right to read it.

Classroom Notetaking
Complete your notes from today's powerpoint Lesson 1 L.A. C Internal Environment TTH.

Remember the best notes are the ones that have:

1. The best class notes from class discussions in lesson
2. The best use of the resources on shared
3. The best research between lessons using the links on the powerpoint on shared and the
4. Extra goodies that I put on this website so keep your eyes peeled

Using the notes from the content on slides 2-24 carry out some research on One Water and use this research  to illustrate your notes or bring them to life using this SOCIAL ENTERPRISE as the main example  - ONE WATER Your notes and research from lesson one can be no less than 2 pages and no more than four so send me the link when it's completed before or in next lesson.

Good luck and enjoy

Mr T

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