Tuesday 20 March 2018

Unit 8 P3 Assignment 2 - What we need to know.about long haul travel destinations

Hi Year 13

the next assignment gets you looking at the different travel factors that can affect travel to long haul destinations.

For P3 you need to identify a relevant long haul travel destination as an example for each factor.

For example you could talk about how time zones can affect travel by causing jet lag and the risk of DVT and support this with examples of a typical flight to the Far East and the West Coast of USA.

All travel factors listed in the assignment brief need to be addressed including:

  • time zones
  • seasonality
  • extreme climate conditions
  • documentation requirements
  • travel restrictions
  • health issues
  • safety and social situations
Within your explanation you also should highlight the effects that each factor may have on travel for UK visitors to long-haul destinations. Effects you may choose to include are:
  • Relctance to travel
  • Cancelaltions
  • Restricted travel
  • Health implications
  • Jet lag
For M1 you need to apply what you have learnt in P3 and review how travel factors affect travel to selected destinations.  the same destinations can be used as P2 or you can discuss new ones if travel factors have a greater significance.  An example of this could be selecting destinations affected by hurricanes in recent years or areas that have seen unrest recently.  This time the same destination can be used for different factors but you will now need to include news reports, articles to show how the factor has affected travel to the selected destinations.

For D1 you need to focus on specific travel factors that have had a significant travel impact on at least two destinations in the last five years.  For example an analysis of the impact of swine flew pandemic on travel to Mexican destinations or an analysis of the the impact of hurricanes on travel to destinations in the Caribbean or the Zika virus here and its impact on the unborn child in pregnant women.

You need to cover at least two different factors and two different long haul destinations  to pass D1

Good luck and enjoy

Mr T

Deadline Wedensday 3rd April 2019

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