Monday 2 June 2014

Summer School Recap - Unit 4 Principles of Customer Service P1 Describing different types of customer service provided by two firms

Hi year 11 this is the first day of the 2014 Summer School for you to finish the year on a high!

Start today by setting up a new folder in your student drive

Open a new document and add the headers and footers, name, course, Unit 4, Task P1, date, teacher etc

For the first task you need to:

Read the assignment brief all about setting up training manuals on 'rules to customer service'
P1 'Describe the different types of customer service provided by two selected businesses'

  • Pick TWO different businesses of your choice
  • Define what is meant by customer service
  • Describe the different types of customer service provided by the two different businesses.  If you have chosen 'Edge Tyres' how do they differ from 'Quick Fit' and you will need to provide ACTUAL examples of how your chosen business provides customer service.

Remember customer service is one of the best ways a business can develop to compete.  The other way is price.  If you reduce price you are reducing profits but if you compete on outstanding customer service you can often hold the price at its current level and often increase it.  When was the last time you saw Apple discount any of their products.

Role play:

For M1 you need to compare how two selected business satisfy customers.

Once you have looked at the two businesses you need to compare how the two businesses satisfy their customers.  You can do this by identifying what they do well and what might be improved.

Deadline for P1 and M1 is Thursday 5th June 2014

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