Friday 23 May 2014

Fancy a career in marketing.....

Dear OSA's finest

An opportunity has come up to submit an individual or team 'Promotional Campaign' to launch an APP

Designed for students by students and now its time for you lucky learners to submit your ideas to launch this APP into the market.

This is a great opportunity for anyone thinking that a career in marketing is for you.  Its also a great opportunity to work on a real project and put it on your CV.

You will be working alongside professional APP developers, Fim Oxford, Commercial artists.

  • The target market:  To reach as many of the 214,000 under 25's in Oxfordshire and let them know about this new APP.  This is designed as a mobile APP and is best viewed on a smartphone.
  • The budget: £1000
  • The Launch date: 14th July 2014
  • The APP - currently this is a work in progress designed to let young adults find out whats going on in their home area or current location.  Most of the stuff is fun and free!
A masterclass workshop and briefing session will take place after school on Wednesday 11th June in the Enterprise Suite.

Applications by email to Mr Peters or Mr Thompson.

This is not just a fantastic opportunity for Year 9, 10 and 12 Business Studies students but for anyone at OSA who thinks a career in marketing is for them.

Best wishes and good luck

Mr T

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