Tuesday 10 June 2014

P2 Unit 4 Describe the Characteristics of consistent and reliable customer service

Dear Yr 10

Having looked at customer service and TWO different business examples you need to be able to identify the characteristics of what makes customer service 'consistent and reliable'.

To do this you need to research the theory into reliable and consistent customer service so that you can identify what guarantees success and then apply what you have found to your TWO businesses.

Last week we looked at behaviours and attitudes as well as processes and procedures,  Which will ensure that an organisation will deliver great customer service.  Other areas to consider include:
  • Scope of an employees job role - can you expand on it to allow them to change and suggest improvements (TQM)
  • Knowledge of products and services - TRAINING
  • Type and quality of product or service - VALUE FOR MONEY
  • Staff attitude and behavior - hard to change so RECRUIT HIGH CALIBRE PEOPLE
  • Timing - approach customers at the right time - don't be a nuisance -  READ BODY LANGUAGE
  • Accessibility and availability -  STOCK CONTROL AND ORDERING
  • Meeting specific customer needs -  EAL, DISABLED, DEAF, BLIND
  • Working under pressure - PEAK TIMES
  • Confirming orders correct before processing and that it meets needs and expectations - COMMUNICATION SKILLS
  • Problem solving - OWNERSHIP and AUTHORITY and ACCOUNTABILITY & RESPONSIBILITY delegated to all

or in a nut shell you need to know the theory and understand the following acronym RATER:


Listen to the example of how 'Taxi Terry' delivers first class customer service here

Deadline for P2 is Thursday 12th June 2014

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