Monday 16 June 2014

P5 Demonstrating transferable business skills

Good morning year 12

for those who are on track to complete this unit by half term I attache the unit spec here to keep you focused on the next task for P5.

P5 expects you to demonstrate the transferable business skills that you have already acquired and its always the creative ones that find exciting ways to do this part of the unit effectively.  P5  expects you to build on the OUTCOMES of your P3 skills audit and consider the different ways that you intend to develop these transferable business skills at the appropriate level. It might be a good idea to start by defining what they are!

PLTS that you need to focus on in your chosen career.  See Mr T's links here for your self assessment PLTS Profile and PLTS levels or success criteria..  You need to JUSTIFY why you gave it the levels that you did and provide examples to support your evaluation.I have attached two PLTS powerpoint slides to remind you what these are!

The development of some skills may be measurable through qualification levels for example functional skills.  Other skills may be measurable through observation and may require a range of evidence such as TUTOR OBSERVATION SHEETS, WORK EXPERIENCE FEEDBACK on the development of time management skills etc  Some activities can be done on the job if you have one whereas others can be carried out off the job and usually include training sessions or shadowing oppourtunites.  

M3 requires you to 'assess ways of achieving the required level and type of transferable business skills needed for the career plan.

D2 requires you to 'evaluate your own development of transferable business skills' 

The following websites may be helpful:

the core text below will most definitely help should you be aspiring for great things and a distinction in this unit.  You might even choose to buy a copy or borrow a copy from the library:

Anderson A, Barker D and Critten P - Effective Self Development - A skills and activity based approach
(Blackwell, 1996) ISBN 0631200150

Hope this keeps you on track.  You always have the web should you need to do further research but keep the work specific to the skills you need to develop in yourself.
Good luck and enjoy

For those looking to go to university you will be required to capture these skills along with other successes that you have had so that you can create a 'personal statement'  This will be submitted to your UCCAS application so it needs to be fab.  I have sourced you a personal statement builder here to help you start this.

Mr T

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