Tuesday 17 June 2014

Assignment 2 - Explain how a selected business attempts to exceed customer expectations

Dear Year 11

This weeks challenge is securing the M2 & D1 assessment for the course or getting your B or A equivalent

For M2 Explain how a selected business attempts to exceed customer expectations

For this task you will need to choose one of the two businesses studied previously and the evidence that you have collected on it and show how this business attempts to use it to exceed customer expectations.  You need to consider how the chosen business continues to:

  • provides value for money, information and advice - e.g. buying a new log burner, conference hotels in London.
  • provides additional help and assistance especially when things go wrong which your not expecting
  • offering discounts and additional products and services e.g. Apple
  • providing information on returns policy
  • providing exceptional help and assistance for customers with special requirement.
This requires you to provide actual examples of how your business actually does this so that you highlight how this works in the real business world.

For D1 you need to assess the effects of providing consistent and reliable customer service on the reputation of a selected business.

For this task you need to assess how good customer service can impact on the reputation of a business.  You will need to include detailed information on the following:
  1. Building a good reputation
  2. Selling of good quality products
  3. Offering great value for money
  4. Being reliable in everything that they do
  5. Offering a trustworthy service.
all of which leads to 
  1. Increased sales
  2. increased profits
  3. retention of customers
  4. attracting new customers and increasing market share
  5. the competitive advantage that it brings
  6. staff are positive and well motivated
To pass this D1 task you will need to look at what the actual business that you have chosen does and comment on how well it does these things currently and comment on what they might do to improve.  You will need to provide evidence to back up what you are saying.  If you are talking about customer service in the John Lewis Partnership you will need to back this up with evidence to show where they are curretnly in the league tables and annual retail surveys.  if you outline how Tesco must build an even better reputation with customers because they are loosing the equivalent of 1 million a week spending on average £25 and this will lead to an increase in sales you will then need to search for Tesco sales figures and comment on how well Tesco currently meet customer expectations along with areas that they might improve.

Simples so good luck and do well

Mr T

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