Monday 16 June 2014

P4 Creating SMART targets for my career development plan

Good morning Year 12

Today we will focus on P4 for the current unit and in particular your smart targets for your career development plan.  Remember your plan is broken into:
  • a short term - Yr 13, and what you will achieve during your last 12 months at school 
  • medium term - next three years at Uni or other apprentice training program and the 
  • longer term - 5yrs which incorporates your first job, professional association membership and ongoing training and development in the workplace
Can I suggest a minimum of three to four objectives for each stage.

Evidence is required not just to show that you have set yourself SMART targets but more importantly that you have the evidence to show that you are on track to achieve them and this can take the form of:
  • Print screens from scores on the doors.
  • Assessment point data from AP1 - AP5 showing progress throughout
  • An up to date CV
  • Any achievements such as Young Enterprise, Duke of Edinburgh Award, extra curricular, work experience, internship where you can make a link between your smart targets and the evidence you submit towards achieving it.
This leads you nicely into M2 - Monitor and audit progress towards targets using appropriate success criteria for the target that you have chosen 
  • L3 targets for the short term - i.e. A- level or BTEC
  • L4 targets for the medium term i.e. BA or BSc (hons)
  • L5 targets for the longer term - i.e. Masters 
Remember M1 and D1 are linked to P2 in a similar way that M2 is linked to P4

For M2 you need to consider your appropriate success criteria and the evidence needs to show that you are making progress to these targets effectively.  Your targets can be self set or set in conjunction with a tutor or teacher.  You should keep an ongoing record which reflects your progress accurately. A diary or log may be an optional and this should reflect any changes that you have made to the initial target 

Deadline for P4 is Wednesday 18th June 2014

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