Tuesday 20 May 2014

Computing for professionals - Databases

Dear Year 9's

This is the first of your flipped lessons.  Flipped lessons allow:

  • Those that need to to see the lesson theory before the lesson to get familiar with the content
  • Allow those who missed the lesson to catch up!
  • Allow those that didn't quite get it in lesson to have another chance but more importantly
  • They allow everyone to use the lesson time to do fun stuff and active learning or and 
  • Allow us all to make quicker progress and get better grades.
Clearly those that don't use the resources could be putting themselves at risk of failing on this course !

Your first flipped lesson

Click here to see what next lesson will be all about.  Read and digest the theory and lets put it to good use in the lesson.

I have also posted a You Tube clip here to help you see the application and purpose of these databases.


Mr Williams

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