Sunday 25 November 2012

Who can can plan, design and deliver the best presentation

Homework due in...

A few lessons ago we looked at some dodgy websites.  These included the tree octopus, 
online pregnancy testing and dehydrated water as examples but how can we recognise that other websites are legitimate. Think of a few key indicators that might suggest that a website is real and appropriate to use and don't be afraid to share your suggestions with the class.

By the end of this weeks lesson you will be able to:
  • create a presentation that includes both text and images
  • use a mapping application and use to take screen shots
  • add suitable sounds to the presentation
  • understand the term 'fitness for purpose'
  • recognise the good and bad points of presentations and make suggestions for improvements.
  • be able to alter a presentation so that it is suitable for a different audience 
Starter - what does the market research tell us...
click here and see for yourself

Activity 1. Getting the filling system sorted...

In preparation for this unit you will need to set up a folder in your work area        ICTwithMRT and call it Unit 7.1 - where I live

To complete this task you will need to 
  • Open Microsoft PowerPoint and create a new document.
  • Choose File>Save and save it to the folder you have just made. 
  • Call the document Where I Live Presentation.   
Activity 2. see pg 13 - what are we talking about Willis?

Start thinking about .... Fitness for purpose!

Activity 3. see pg 13-14 to see whats involved

Include in your presentation
  • What's great about where you live
  • Why is your city, town or village so special
  • What do you think would make someone want to come and live or work there
  • Include a slide on 'great stuff to do in my area' 
By next lesson research and write up a list of the 'top ten things to do in Oxford'  You can ask your parents or carers, friends or grandparents for ideas.  You could also use the website: 
Your list should include things that might attract people to move to this area to live.  Think about schools, house prices, university libraries and museums, entertainment, restaurants, leisure activities especially around the river, hobbies and interests.

Set 26th November 2012  Due in 3rd December 2012 


Mr T

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