Sunday 2 December 2012

Promoting a real life charity

Hi Year 7

Last weeks....... 
By next lesson research and write up a list of the 'top ten things to do in Oxford'  You can ask your parents or carers, friends or grandparents for ideas.  You could also use the website: 
Your list should include things that might attract people to move to this area to live.  Think about schools, house prices, university libraries and museums, entertainment, restaurants, leisure activities especially around the river, hobbies and interests.

Set 26th November 2012  Due in 3rd December 2012 

Today's lesson...

Well they do say charity begins at home and this week you are going to be working on creating funds for OSA's PFA.

Whats a PFA.  Well PFA stands for 'Parents and Friends Association' its the group of people that volunteer to raise funds for learners in the Academy.  To purchase things for young people that the school cannot buy for itself.  What do you think the PFA is currently working towards buying?

Well your going to be using PUBLISHER software this week to create a (leaflet as part of a marketing campaign which will include a promotional video or podcast to go with it.

Main Activity

Create a logo or corporate image that combines the letters OSA with PFA. 

The logo will be used on your flyer which will get everyone in the academy, learners, parents and staff to do their Christmas shopping though the website easyfunding,   

Every time people use that to search rather than Google to search for their favourite online shops they will be raising money for the Academy's PFA. Simples.....

Oh here is an example attached of what were looking for in your publisher flyer

Option 1 - You might like to use the core text page 47 which will talk you though step by step how to create a logo using publisher.

Option 2 - You might like to use puzzlemaker to create something more exciting.  Either way your logo needs to be completed by the end of this lesson


You will continue to design your leaflet / flyer so for homework this week you need to start to plan your:

  • Front cover
  • Additional pages and images
  • Adding suitable text and contact details

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