Saturday 17 November 2012

Know your ememies!

By the end of this weeks lesson you will be able to:
  • Understand the main issues around e-safety
  • Create a set of criteria for safe use of the internet and electronic communication
Last week we looked at the 'Where's Klaus' video
In pairs think about the following questions 
Q.What was the main message of this video
Q Who was the target audience?  
Q Who's responsibility is it to keep ourselves safe apart from our parents?

This weeks mini movie
This week we will look at another video clip from Newsround on e-safety click here
Q.What was the main message of this video
Q Who was the target audience?  

What do we know already about keeping safe?
Q. What are the benefits of being anonymous?
Q. What do we know about cyber bullying and stalking & what should we do about it asap?
Q  What are 'trolls' and 'flames'
Q. What could concern us about online gaming
Q  What do we know about social networking and privacy settings?

Activity 1.
Making an e-safety 'mouse mat' to remind me of how to stay safe. Email Mr T for the template

Activity 2.
Part one
In the same pairs make an advice sheet of four e-safety criteria entitled
'Responsible internet use for Year 7 students' - write a post on your wiki page

Part two.
Evaluating a set of e-safety criteria 
Have a look at the criteria that other groups have developed - on their wiki page

Part three.
How might we create a set of e-safety criteria for the whole class of 7S 

A few lessons ago we looked at some dodgy websites.  These included the tree octopus, 
online pregnancy testing and dehydrated water as examples but how can we recognise that other websites are legitimate. Think of a few key indicators that might suggest that a website is real and appropriate to use.

Set 20th November 2012  Due in 27th November 2012 

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