Monday 22 October 2012

Hi 7S
Here's an interesting stater - what do you think about that then?
Click here to see a cool video about how social networking and internet use is taking over?

And here's a link to another shocking poster of internet facts click here

Main Activity
For today’s lesson, you are going to send me a completed questionnaire  by doing the following steps:

   1.       Open the attachment
   2.       Save it in a new folder called “Unit 7.0” (If you have opened it to see it you will need to use     “Save As”)
   3.       Close your e-mail client and the attachment (if open).
   4.       Open the attachment with MS Word from your user area.
   5.       Complete the questionnaire and save it.
   6.       Open the e-mail from me (this one)and reply to it
   7.       Attach your completed questionnaire and send it.

For those who have finished treat yourself to a look at these old computer adverts, click here and then complete the extension activity below

For an extension:
   1.       Take a “print screen” of your file system folder called “Unit 7.0”
   2.       Paste it into a word document and save this , also in Unit 7.0  folder.
   3.       Send this document to me as an e-mail attachment.

Read your printed poster before answering the question below:
Referring to each rule in turn EXPLAIN why is it so important to stick to the simple rules on the poster when you communicate with others on the internet.        

Due in Monday 5th November 2012

Good luck, enjoy and thank you for working hard this term

Mr T

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