Friday 28 September 2012

A word in your ear part two...

Good afternoon year 7

Today we will continue with the letter to Mrs Croft and use some of the advanced functions of word such as:

  • inserting a table of contents see here for a suggested layout
  • wrapping text around the table
  • page numbers
  • auto fields
  • headers / footers
  • punctuation and grammar checking  
Questions and answers
  • why should you save your work at the start of creating a document?
  • what is a footer?
  • what do we mean by the word font?
  • Whats the benefit of having a spell check facility? 
  • why might you want to type up a document?
  • whats the purpose of a header
  • Why does the word software automatically space your work?
  • Why should you file your work electronically
At the end of today's lesson you will have completed you letter from last week with the additional features above.

Complete the worksheet attached here

Good luck and enjoy

Mr T

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