Thursday 31 May 2012

Using PLTS to describe functional areas in a business

Good morning year 9
Here's your first 'Flipped Classroom' lesson on a new topic functional areas’. This is the theory for P4 of Unit 2. 

As this will be a big piece of coursework I have planned to let you have access to this before today's lesson so that we can make great progress during P1 and leave you with the half term to complete the assessment criteria for this piece of work.

Starter Activity - Word Search and Biz News some thoughts for the day

AT HOME you should have looked at..


and done

SOME READING – Independent enquiry (pg 12-25)
click here

Your team challenge (in three’s)
You have been recruited for a new start up company ‘The Star Factory’ click here.  It’s a business which sells access to a full music recording studio, which offers lyric writing and music video editing and CD cover design as part of the days hire.  Its target market is young adults and teenagers who would like an alternative party venue to share with friends.   

Self managing & teamwork
As an expert in your field you have been asked to set up your chosen department. Your task in groups of three (Director, Manager and Supervisor) is to plan and deliver a 2 minute presentation to the rest of the company what your chosen business function is responsible for within this new and exciting company. The functional areas include: Sales, Production, Purchasing, Admin, Distribution, Customer service, Finance, Human Resources, ICT, Marketing and Research and development.

Decision making
I have TWO 'functional areas' who have already formed and told me what they will be presenting:
  • SALES - made up of 
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE - made up of 

The rest can let me know which functional area you will represent and who are the director, manager and supervisor within your teams in the lesson today..

Confident & creative individuals - Presenting
This is the first time the other staff members have been all together and you will lead your two minute presentation on your functional area of expertise.  Each member of the team will have to contribute something to the presentation. Remember you need to apply the theory to your ‘Star Factory’ start up business see the link above.

Topic Test
You will be tested on the topic that you have read (pages 12-25) before the end of the lesson on Friday so make sure that you read what you need to read before you arrive Friday or you may look daft! For those who wish to prepare for that click here

ASSESSMENT For P4 for completion over half term.
Describe the functional areas in TWO contrasting business organisations. One could be privately owned i.e. BSKYB and one state owned i.e. BBC alternatively one could be a PARTNERSHIP such as JLP and the other a PLC such as SAINSBURYS.  You should consider Finance, Sales & Marketing, IT, Research & Development, Customer Service, Human Resources, Administration, Production & Distribution.
  • To submit this work marked by yourself use the self assessment checklist here

Your progress to date across all three units
Unit 1 Business Purpose
Unit 3 Financial Forecasting in Business
Unit 2 Business Organisations

Remember you will not only be the first Year 9 group to complete a BTEC Award at Level 2 in Business but also the first group ever to complete this in one year.

Well done and enjoy

Mr T

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