Monday 28 May 2012

Exam technique made easy

Hi year 11

Well Wednesday 30th May and Paper 2 awaits you - the real McCoy and your going to do very well because you don't need to put yourself under any uneccesary pressure in year 11 with a silly resit so lets look at some of Mr T's top tips below:
  • Making the difference to your GCSE exam grade - a power-point explaining how to do well click here
  • Visual resources for those of you who are currently around the C / D borderline that you might wish to look at to refresh your understanding of the concepts that you have not grasp in paper one.  Click here
  • Developing Exam Skill - Answer what you are asked click here for an example
  • Developing Exam Skill with Mr Drake click here
  • Answering the nine mark question click here
  • Answering the nine mark question c/o You Tube and Chiltern online click here
  • Developing Exam Skill - Compare and contrast the secret to good analysis or whats different or the same gets you to describe, identify, explain and analyse saying WHY and JUSTIFY prepares your ANALYSIS and sets you up well to EVALUATE  top tips here
  • Developing Exam Skill - Analysis click here can you spot the different stages (links) that had to be carried out for Wallace to fall asleep. Analysis is about the chain of argument that you are trying to put across.
  • Developing Exam Skill - Evaluation - It depends on how you use "it depends"
    “It depends on”. Three little words that allow students to reach higher levels of evaluation. However, the extent to which the use of these 3 words allows a student to achieve higher levels of evaluation really depends on how they use it.

    Students who simply say, well, it would depend on shareholders expectations would (in my opinion) not receive much (if any) credit for this. Why? Well, they have failed to explain why it depends on shareholders expectations.

    A far better response would be:
    ‘It depends on shareholders expecations. For example, shareholders who are interested in a quick return may be disappointed about the fact that the dividend yield is still below the industry average. However, shareholders who take a more long term view’..
    Here, we can see that they use of ‘it depends on’ is followed by an explanation of why. It is this why which attracts the marks, not simply the use of those 3 little words.
    When using it depends on, think about why it depends on this…..

And for those that didn't see your email last week we have

  1. Key terms powerpoint click here
  2. Revision notes on everything if yours are not good enough click here
  3. Cash flow worries click here
  4. Key terms - ANAGRAM click here
  5. Hoops click here
And for those pushing for an A*
  1. Measuring the competitiveness of a business click here
  2. Marketing and product portfolios click here
  3. Improving cash-flow click here
  4. What do we mean by 'competitiveness' click here
  5. Calculating and measuring profit click here
  6. Measuring and increasing profit click here
  7. Business appraisal - should you buy shares in FACEBOOK click here
And for everyone else who didn't get around to revising the other topics:
  1. Marketing mix - Introduction to PRODUCTS and BRANDS click here
  2. Marketing mix and the PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE click here
  3. Marketing mix - introduction to PLACE click here
  4. Marketing mix and the introduction to PROMOTION click here
  5. Marketing mix and introduction to PRICING click here
  6. Operations & Technology click here
  7. Recruitment & Selection click here
  8. Improving organisational structures click here
  9. Workforce effectiveness click here
  10. Training click here
  11. How to mess up badly click here
  12. Working with suppliers click here
Biz News and daily newspaper news click here

That's all folks

Mr T

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