Thursday 14 June 2012

Controlled Assessment - Breaking down the tasks

Hi year 10 some of you are still a little confused with what you have to do!
You are carrying out an investigation of a small local business with a view to collecting all the evidence (primary and secondary research) for yourself. his includes:
  • tends and data on the local business environment
  • flyers and leaflets and adverts and any publicity about the business
  • articles in the news
  • trends and data about the business sector & purpose
  • any interviews with the owner, staff or customers
  • photos that you take
  • knowledge from unit one
You are then required to put all this together in three hours under exam conditions and submit it as a report.

The tasks that you are expected to carry out include:
  • select a small existing local business
  • :identify competitors to the business and how the businesses are in competition
  • carry out research on the effectiveness of the existing methods that the business uses to compete
  • research other methods that the business could use to enable it to compete successfully
  • consider which method would be the most effective for the business
The assessment criteria can be found here on pages 20 & 21

The help pack can be found here

The local business environment data can be found here

The progress chart for the class / year group here

You had 12 lessons over six weeks to complete this you now have only 9 left !

Any questions please shout

Good luck and enjoy

Mr T

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