Tuesday 22 November 2011

P4 Setting SMART objectives for my CDP

Hi year 13 you lovely learners

I have attached the BTEC spec here for your perusal and for tose whoa re flying off at a pace to complete this unit by Christmas 2011.

P4 Task 

'For P4, career plans should be realistic and be supported by SMART targets. Progress towards targets should be recorded with a folder containing all the appropriate research documentation, a CV and any other appropriate information or documentation.'

I have also attached a document that I have created to allow you to track progress with these SMART objectives over the rest of your year 13.  Complete this document every term to show how effective you have been.  Help yourself and click here.  Remember if you do a 'proper job' here you will also get P4, M1, M2 and D1 thrown in the deal.

Next unit 'Starting a Business' suggestions - get your thinking caps on!
I will also ask Mr C if we can register for the Young Enterprise 'Graduate Programe' as you have expressed an inetrest in doing another unit combined with Mr Coakley on Starting a Business.

This unit will be the last one you do with me so lets make it count and leave the Academy with something memorable to leave you with.  Maybe an income generator which will continue to operate long after you have gone but one that you can come back and see it grow.  I'm thinking maybe a COSTA coffee outlet or smoothie bar but Id love to here your ideas because they are always better and more exciting.

Good luck and enjoy

Mr T

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