Monday 21 November 2011

The role of the government Part.. 3

Good morning year 9

This will be the third of four 5 minute lessons on the topic.

BALANCE OF PAYMENTS is something that we have discussed before.  This is also the topic of your next article for P4.  Amazingly there is lots on the news today that makes this an article worth writing.

The UK is a Net IMPORTER.  50% of the gas we need is brought into the UK and today they announced that a deal was done to secure the supply for the next 10 years even thought he price is not fixed.

I want you to write an article by answering the questions from the examples below:

  • How does the British government encourage businesses to come and buy or set up in the UK? e.g. How much did BMW buy Rover cars?
  • How does the government encourage business to set up? Look at today's article in the news about housing - what sector is housing in? 
  • How much is the government investing in the MORTGAGE GUARANTEE scheme.
  • By guaranteeing mortgages what will happen to the rental market?  How many houses are likely to e built over the next few years?
  • What currently is the demand for housing?
  • If it benefits from a boost what is likely to happen in terms of individual wealth and job creation?
  •  Why has the government capped welfare benefit to £500 per household per week?
  • What are the government doing about youth unemployment?                                                                           

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