Wednesday 23 November 2011

Choosing the right legal structure

Good morning year 11
Advanced Notice
I have invited the amazing Mr Drake to a Wednesday lesson to give you a masterclass on exam technique!  He has been teaching for over 35 years, is the best Economics teacher in oxfordshire and has cosistently improved the results that he achieves every year with the classes he teaches.  Why wouldn't you want some Mr Drake top tips to getting all the marks.

Today's learning outcome is to prepare YOURSELF to write a 250 word article on the benefits of taking private LTD companies onto the London Stock Exchange but before you do this I have a few activities that I think you might wish to do first.

You will revisit the paper one theory first by using the Core Text See pg 21-28 of the AQA core text
Then you can develop this knowledge by revisiting paper two theory using the Domestic Bliss case study and work sheets along with the:
  • domestic Bliss worksheet
  • fill in the gaps exercise
  • matching exercise
  • true and false activity
Click on the following link:

If you cant remember how to use the e-resources:
  • Entering the password click on the book
  • Then click on the resource overview
  • Click on chapter 3 - Choosing the right legal structure
  • Start by reading the ebook on Chapter 3 
  • Now carry out the following activities on the right hand side of the screen and listed above
Don't forget your core text will have even more information that you can use to prepare for this assignment  - see pages 139-142.

The following two worksheets should also be completed before you start
  1. Limited and unlimited liability
  2. Public Limited Companies
You are a business consultant and have been asked to write a 250 word article for 'Enterprise Today' magazine on the benefits of taking private LTD companies onto the London Stock Exchange. Include an introduction about the differences between limited and unlimited liability before explaining why a growing company might wish to become a PLC, making sure that you explain the advantages or benefits of this particularly with regard to growth and financing and dont forget to include the costs and other disadvantages that you will need to point out
Set:  P2 23rd November 2011      Due date: P3 24th November 2011

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