Monday 4 March 2019

P2 Describe the sales skills used by sales staff in three different selling situations.

Dear Year 12 L2

Our second challenge of this unit is P2

Part 2 – Sales Skills and Different Selling Situations (P2)


Skill One: Sales preparation skills

Describe a situation where a staff member at the business would need to prepare appearance, subject knowledge and communication skills (think about a situation where a new model of hot tub comes in and sales staff are not familiar with it – what would they need to do in order to be knowledgeable and give accurate information? You also need to talk about appearance and good communication skills)



Skill Two: Sales Techniques

Describe how a staff member at the business would have to have good cold calling or face to face to communication skills (think about a sales representative giving potential customers a follow up call after meeting them at the weekend. They would try and persuade them that they should come back in and view it again, or perhaps offer them a discount to try and close the deal)

Think about vocal presentation and listening skills as well as being persuasive but not pushy


Skill Three: Understanding customers

Describe a situation where staff members would have to understand the needs of their customers (perhaps a disabled customer visits the store or perhaps a family visit the store which would mean there would be children using the hot tub)

  1. Powerpoint to support this next challenge here
  2. Tick list to help you check your work before you submit it on Friday is here
  3. Don't forget you also have your induction pack from last week.
  4. Well done Will for asking for the assignment brief, here
  5. Unit 1 Part 1 Assignment for those pushing for a Merit or Distinction is hereit is

Challenge issue date: Tuesday 5th March 2019
Hand in date: Friday 8th March 2019

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