Tuesday 5 March 2019

Review of documents and start evaluation of documents

Dear Year 13

A couple of points that might need explaining:

The review of documents – this involves at least THREE other students reviewing YOUR documents to see what works well and what would could be even better if.... 

The template is in resources (see attached also below).  You need to have 3 people review your documents so for 13D please put yourself into groups of 4 and for 13B start in groups of 3 and then swap with one other person.

The review document is attached below too an also in shared.  Print three off and give one copy to each of three people you respect and trust and then collect it in to use for your review. 


Evaluation of documents – this involves report writing and the structure is in resources too (see attached).  Clearly you need to refer to the individual reviews done by your peers and keep this like you would your research documents as this is what they will then be.


The interview skills powerpoint is also attached below as well as in resources and gives you some pointers before you start being interviewed.  You will need to dress professionally for the interviews, we will record them digitally, and we will also write observation forms about them. 


13B you are on track at the moment, 13D you are slightly behind as you missed a lesson or two on Inset day and didn’t know what to do so it may be that the both groups aim to get to the same point by the end of this week.

The interviews will be our next challenge which the wonderful Mrs Goss will organise in due course

  1. Review of documents - 3 people to complete one each for each pack created.
  2. Report writing structure for your planning and evaluation
  3. Interview skills powerpoint

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