Friday 4 January 2019

P5 M4 D2 Looking for investors!

Morning Year 12

Todays challenge is to attract investment for your start up business.

People generally invest in you so make sure you pick an appropriate legal structure and complee your investors report to impress and secure the investment that you need.

Presentations of your suggested ideas fior your individual businesses will be P1 on Monday.

Deadline for P5 is a week today - Friday 11th January 2018 period 1 in my postbox.


Mr T

Resources to support:

  1. Report for Investors Powerpoint
  2. Report for Investors Template / Checklist
  3. Start Up Costs and Running Costs
  4. M4 D2 Resources - Template
  5. M4 D2 Resources - Powerpoint
Hat tip to Louis for providing the exemplar here notice how he has put the authentication details into his script!

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