Tuesday 18 December 2018

P4 Unit 1 - My first Business Plan

Morning Year 12 L2

If you have not submitted P3 M3 go and do it period 1 today before you come back P2
1. Put yourself in teams of three.

2. Think of nine business start ups.

3. SWOT Analysis or the top three exciting ones to see which one you decide

4. Pick one that you think would be the most successful
5. Now carry out a competitive analysis for one
6. Carry out some secondary research. How big is the market ? Is it in decline or growth? Who appears to be doing well and why?

7. Primary research - Create a ten question survey in first plan the questions then convert them into a google forms
8. Send it to at least 10 people out side school
9. Write up your findings in the form of a business plan see below 
10. Create a presentation to a dragons den audience with the intention of securing investment! How much do you need and how much PROFIT are you happy to give them in return ?

Business plan presentation expectation by next Tuesday 11th December 2018 P1

Working Collaboratively create: 
  1. Dragons Den Presentation

P4 Part 2 - Checklist of things to include apart from the Fully competed Business Plan by Tuesday 18th December 2018 3pm in to my post-box!

  1. Peter Jones 90 day Business Plan or any other you can find from a bank, Barclays or HSBC or use this one here if its easier? Business Plans - why bovver?
  2.  SWOT Analysis 
  3. Planning the questionnaire
  4. Questionnaire survey - Survey Monkey or Google Forms
  5. What the results from the survey tell me
  6. Appendix of resources and research
Enjoy your start up budget is £10k per business idea as no one will lend you any less!

Mr T



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