Friday 25 January 2019

Are you ready to demonstrate your skills and abilities as an ENTREPRENEUR?

Dear budding entrepreneurs


“St Catherine’s Hospice is your local hospice.
Every year it provides expert care and support to around 2,100 terminally ill people and their family and friends in your community.
But for every person the hospice can help, there are two others it can't.
By taking part in the Youth Enterprise Project to support St Catherine’s, you’ll help make sure that in the future, your local hospice can be there for everyone. So that no one in your community has to face death and loss alone.

The Youth Enterprise Project welcomes students from schools across Sussex and Surrey to develop their business skills through this spring term project.
Your team of six students from your school will work together to create plans, events and ideas to raise a target of £1,500.
This year, we ask each team that requires the £50 seed money to pitch to their mentors, given to each team by the project sponsors, NatWest Bank.
The award ceremony and presentations will be held at Christ’s Hospital School in the auditorium on Thursday 25th April with awards for the following categories:
Most Money Raised,
Pound Per Pupil,
Most Innovative Fundraising Idea and
Best Presentation.
Are you ready to take on the challenge to help your local Hospice?

The video below is 2 minutes 30 seconds it really illustrates what they do.

The school can only submit THREE mixed teams of SIX students across Year 7-9  so this is a first come first served opportunity. e.g. a team could be made up of 2 students from each year group!
Once you have agreed your team(s) sign and return the registration forms here You will need to get your parents to sign the consent form part before you return it. So each member of each team may need to print out a copy of that part of the form to sign and return individually to speed up the start up process.

The hospice are more than happy to come over and do a smaller version of the presentation from the launch night.

Good luck and shine bright

Mr T

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