Tuesday 29 January 2019

P2 Unit 1 Current trends that will impact on my business

Dear Year 12

Here we are at the final furlong

P2 is asking you to explain the CURRENT trends that will impact on any start up business.

M2 is an extension of this and is asking you to compare how TWO of the four trends have impacted on a start up business or how they would impact (positively or negatively on yours)

This here is the template on the school system that will help you create this leaflet

This link here is a few things to consider to ensure you pass P2 first time and M2 first attempt

A few websites to help you source information on social trends is here

Remember your Merit overall for this unit comes from securing M2 which is the additional piece of work that goes into P2. 

To secure M2 you need to choose TWO of the trends in P2 and COMPARE how these have impacted on a start up business.  You could consider the IMPACT on SALES, COSTS, PROFITS or other things like RECRUITMENT 

To make it easier for yourself why not apply this to your own business idea that you discussed in P4


Mr T

Deadline for P2  is Friday 1st February 4pm 2019
Deadline for M2 is Tuesday 5th February 4pm 2019

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