Friday 25 January 2019

Its never too late to make a difference!

Sometimes you see stuff that pops up on your social media feeds that really stops you in your tracks.  Sharing stuff is so important as it allows you to create a conversation not shut it down. P
I shared this with a few in my closest circle and one young woman replied and shared her views. So I shared the video clip and all her views with our head of lower school. Head of Personal Development and Head of Sixth Form. 
This is what she had to say....
“It’s good these videos get made, raising that awareness needs to be an on-going thing for women. I feel women know all this subconsciously, but so many of them go day to day without paying attention to their own awareness of the truth. Blindly walking through the day accepting what’s thrown at them without questioning.
I couldn’t bear to work in advertising, what a false, glamour, narcissistic, consumerist, vacuous line of work.
This is why people like Michelle Obama are great figure heads, teaching young women to focus on their skills as a human being, not their sexuality to progress in life and find happiness. We need to  hold healthy self esteem and teach young people that the art of fulfilment is contribution and personal growth. 
Not looking the thinnest you can!
Oh and yoga or 20 minutes of mindfulness before lessons at the start of every day would do wonders for retained focus, reduced stress, self awareness and kindness to others”

We need to listen more to the youth in our society. They are the future and the sooner we hand over stuff to them to lead on the better our societies will be. 

#Compassion #Achievement #Respect #Endeavour

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